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    25 Best Podcasts for Kids to Help Them Learn Effortlessly

    Reading on a regular basis provides some well-known benefits to young minds, but a gradual shift from books to kindle has been a concern for parents. To tone down the ‘screen glue’ in kids, techies and parents have joined hands to bring a better replacement: Podcasts.

    Podcasts for kids have become an ideal medium to impart age-appropriate knowledge along with entertainment without having to worry about their screen time. They cover a wide variety of topics that helps build vocabulary and literacy in kids.

    We have some more educational resources to help your kid learn better without getting bored!

    25 Best Podcasts for Kids

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    Here’s a list of 25 awesome podcasts that your kids will love, irrespective of their area of interest.

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    SplashLearn inspires lifelong curiosity with its game-based PreK-5 learning program loved by over 40 million children. With over 4,000 fun games and activities, it’s the perfect balance of learning and play for your little one.

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    1. Ear Snacks

    Being true to its name, Ear Snacks is a light-hearted but entertaining podcast that is loved by kids and parents alike. The family-friendly podcast blends catchy music with various genres to deliver essential knowledge to your little ones. It Is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.

    Theme: Music, Science, Art, and Culture

    Age Suitability: 2-7 Years

    Frequency: Two episodes a month 

    Average Length: 20 mins

    2. Kids Short Stories: A Bedtime Show By Mr. Jim

    Having a hard time getting your kid to go to bed? Don’t worry; it’s time to play Mr. Jim’s podcast. Kid Short Stories is a terrific collection of bedtime podcasts that let kids play with their imagination and allow them to engage with the power of stories. This one can be played on iHeartRadio.  

    Theme: Stories

    Age Suitability: 2-5 Years 

    Frequency: One episode every day

    Average Length: 10 mins

    3. Five Minutes with Dad

    It’s a beautiful family podcast featuring two kids, Pavlos and Angela, who share meaningful conversations with their father, Nick Pavlidis. The podcast aims to foster personal growth and leadership in young children. It narrates powerful incidents and stories and tackling real-life problem solving in kids. It offers a 30-day free trial on Amazon and a free audiobook for kids. It is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Snitcher, iHeartRadio, and Google Play. 

    Theme: Stories and Education 

    Age Suitability: 4-8 Years 

    Frequency: One episode twice a week

    Average Length: 20 mins

    4. SpongeBob Binge Pants

    What if we say we got a solution to get your kid unglued from the SpongeBob tv series? Well, switch to Nickelodeon’s original podcast now! A lively and funny podcast for kids, SpongeBob Binge Pants, has all the cartoon elements intact in the voice of Frankie and Hector. It’s available to listen to on iHeartRadio. 

    Theme: Stories and Music

    Age Suitability: 7-9 Years 

    Frequency: 1 Episode per week

    Average Length: 23 mins

    Cover of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian podcast

    5. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

    A serialized science fiction for kids, this one proves to be a top-notch mystery podcast for kids. The plot revolves around Finn Caspian, an 8-years old boy on a space station, caught in the world of science and mystery. Your kids can give it an ear on Amazon, Apple Podcast, and Spotify. Theme:  Science and Education

    Age Suitability: 5-10 Years 

    Frequency: Weekly episodes, 11 Seasons 

    Average Length: 15-20 mins

    6. Grammar Girl

    Macmillan’s hallmark show, Grammar Girl, is one of the many educational podcasts for kids that hit just the right grammar notes. It features Mignon Fogarty, the founder of Quick and Dirty Tips (QDT), guiding students about intricate grammar rules like punctuation, verbs, and models. 

    Theme: Education

    Age Suitability: 7-15 Years 

    Number of Episodes: 914 episodes till date

    Average Length: 15 mins

    7. Saturday Morning, Cereal Bowl

    This musical podcast can make your little one’s Saturday morning fun. The DJ radio show offers some of the grooviest new and old children’s songs that even parents might shake a leg to. The best way to begin your kid’s morning on a high note is to tune into Saturday Morning, Cereal Bowl on PodBean. 

    Theme: Music

    Age Suitability: 3-5 Years 

    Frequency: New Episodes on every Saturday 

    Average Length: 120 mins 

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    8. Earth Rangers

    Do you see your kid getting curious about animals? Then, Earth Rangers will be the perfect source of knowledge for them. From mythological creatures to facts about wild animals- Earth Rangers has it all. These mystery podcasts for kids can be found on Earth Ranger’s website apart from Spotify, Snitcher, and Apple Podcasts.

    Age Suitability: 5-10 Years

    Theme: Animals, Education, and Mystery

    Frequency: 3 Episodes a month 

    Average Length: 20 mins

    9. The Rez

    Parents could already sense the AI-dependent future weighing heavy on their kids’ resilience and kindness. But not anymore! The Rez is a good podcast for kids. It draws on the importance of kindness activities for kids and sticking to values, no matter how tech-savvy the world gets. The narration revolves around two strange friends and their adventure against the wicked AI. Tune into Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon now!

    Age Suitability: 7-12 Years

    Theme: Science and Education

    Frequency: New Episodes every two days

    Average Length: 20 mins

    10. Fierce Girls

    With the feminist culture growing roots, Fierce Girls is an uplifting podcast for young girls who hold the potential to change the world. Although it narrates the stories of brave women in Australia and their adventures, it serves as a great source of motivation. You can find it on ABC Listen App, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. 

    Age Suitability: 8-15 Years

    Theme: Adventure, Education, Sports, and Science 

    Frequency: The last episode aired in June 2022

    Average Length: 10 mins

    11. RadioLab for Kids Presents: Terrestrials

    A terrific addition to the list, Terrestrials is an informative podcast for kids and teens. Each episode explores the intricacies of nature and its functioning, leaving the audience gasping in amazement. It’s available at Amazon Music.  

    Age Suitability: 7-15 Years

    Theme: Science and Education

    Frequency: New Episodes every Thursday

    Average Length: 40 mins

    12. Be Calm on Ahway Island

    A perfect bedtime podcast that may leave your child asleep even before the story gets midway- thanks to the soothing voice artists and soft music. These music podcasts for kids consist of dreamland stories, positive reinforcement and mindfulness practices. It is available on platforms like QodPod, Patreon, and Ahway’s official website. 

    Age Suitability: 4-8 Years

    Theme: Art, Culture, Education and Music

    Frequency: New Episodes every Monday and Friday

    Average Length: 15 mins

    Cover of Wow in the World podcast

    13. Wow in the World

    Developed by National Public Radio, Wow in the World is all about science, tech, and discoveries in a fun way. Essentially, it’s a far better version of the DIY YouTube Videos that not only deviate the kids due to its artificial settings but develop disobedience in them. Set free your child’s intrigue with Wow in the World.

    Age Suitability: 5-10 Years

    Theme: Science, Art and Education

    Frequency: Weekly Episodes 

    Average Length: 20 mins

    14. Short and Curly

    A not-to-be-missed in the list, this one examines the ethical questions that kids usually encounter in their day-to-day lives. Short and Curly is a series of short podcasts for kids highlighting the right and wrong of ethics in an age-appropriate way. So, the next time your child decides to stand up for himself, say a little prayer for the Short and Curly team. 

    Age Suitability: 7-12 Years

    Theme: Ethics, Education and Culture 

    Frequency: New Episodes every month

    Average Length: 5-8 mins

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    15. Brains On!

    As the name suggests, this free podcast for kids revolves around questions and answers sessions about scientific discoveries. Be it stars, beehives, or a giant ball of gas- it got everything to switch the ‘Brains On’! The monthly subscriptions are available at Apple Podcasts.  

    Age Suitability: 7-12 Years

    Theme: Science and Education

    No of Episodes: 273 

    Average Length: 30 mins

    Free Podcasts for Kids

    Here is a list of free podcasts designed for kids to listen and learn from:

    16. KidNuz

    In the information overload era, KidNuz came to the rescue of the little ones. A daily newscast for kids, it brings up 5 minutes of the latest news across various topics- politics, education, entertainment, and health, among others. It is available to listen to on Apple, Spotify, and Snitcher for absolutely zero cost!

    Age Suitability: 6-12 Years

    Theme: News and Information

    Frequency: New Episodes every day

    Average Length: 5 mins 

    17. What if World

    Perfect for all the little curious minds out there, What if World is a popular podcast that takes up original ‘What if’ questions from kids around the globe and turns them into convincing answers either through stories or activities. All in all, it’s an amazing way to engage kids with new ideas and challenges. Free Subscriptions are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

    Age Suitability: 7-12 Years 

    Theme: Science, Art, Education, History and Mystery

    Frequency: 1 Episode per week

    Average Length: 18-20 mins

    18. Circle Round

    Touted as one of the best story podcasts for kids, Circle Round adapts folklore from around the world in an age-appropriate manner. The podcast seeks to explore crucial dimensions like kindness, patience, generosity, and persistence and imbibe the learnings in the little minds through a relevant activity at the end of each episode. It is available on all major platforms. 

    Age Suitability: 4-10 Years

    Theme: Stories, Art, Education, Culture, and Music. 

    Frequency: Weekly Episodes 

    Average Length: 20 mins

    Girl listening to podcast

    19. Story Seeds

    Want to improve your kid’s story-building ideas? This one serves the purpose. Story Seeds is a celebrated podcast that pairs an aspiring child writer with established authors to build up stories from raw cues. Unique in its narration, Story Seeds is sure to boost your kid’s imagination and writing skills. Subscriptions are available across many platforms.

    Age Suitability: 6-12 Years

    Theme: Education

    Frequency: 29 Episodes to date

    Average Length: 30 mins

    20. Peace Out

    Peace Out is an unconventional story podcast for kids that seek to promote mindfulness and social-emotional learning among parents and children. The podcast encompasses stories and activities that benefit the little ones’ well-being and fosters their presence of mind. You will find them for free at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Leela Kids. 

    Age Suitability: 5-8 Years

    Theme: Stories, Meditation, and Education

    Number of Episodes: 97

    Average Length: 12-15 mins

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    21. Sesame Street

    If you are looking to get your kid moving to the melodious tunes, here’s another famous music podcast for kids on the list that you must tune into. Featuring Mupples from the Sesame Street series, this one conveys lessons on friendships, patience, and sharing through dance and music. Age Suitability: 3-8 Years

    Theme: Stories, Education, and Music 

    Number of Episodes: 20 

    Average Length: 15 mins 

    22. Greeking Out

    A National Geographic’s original production, Greeking Out, is based on the famous Nat Geo Kids book Zeus-the mighty. It is an engaging story podcast that entails the ancient Greek myths and characters that will win your hearts. Don’t wait! Get set to witness the adventures of Zeus and his minions on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. 

    Age Suitability: 6-10 Years

    Theme: Stories, Mythology and Culture

    Number of Episodes: 57

    Average Length: 25-30 mins

    23. Purple Rocket Podcast

    Most audio stories are too painful for ears, and we bet you can’t deny it. However, the team at Purple Rocket promises exciting audio adventures for the whole family. An award-winning podcast, Purple Rocket features twins Sawyer and Suzie, who set out to explore the world with lots of magic, fun, and learning. Access the episodes today at Apple, Amazon, and Spotify.

    Age Suitability: 5-9 Years

    Theme: Science and Adventure 

    Number of Episodes: 188

    Average Length: 20 mins

    24. Stories Podcast

    Stories Podcast is a popular Amazon production that runs through the idea of storytelling for imaginative kids. It is a suitable podcast for kids that are too young to concentrate and cannot listen to long stories. The story collection consists of retellings of fairy tales and even original works. Your kids would love this!

    Age Suitability: 3-5 Years

    Theme: Stories, Fantasy, and Art

    Number of Episodes: 460

    Average Length: 7-10 mins

    25. But Why

    Are you Tired of addressing your kids’ ‘Whys and Hows’? Don’t worry! We got you covered! ‘But Why’ encapsulates an inquisitive big world of questions from children, answered by experts in a fun and engaging manner. The best part is that the show allows sending live questions to the experts through your smartphone. Head to Apple, Amazon, and Stitcher to access the podcast.

    Age Suitability: 6-12 Years

    Theme: Science and Education

    Number of Episodes: 198

    Average Length: 20 mins

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    Wrapping Up!

    Now that you know what podcasts for kids are the best, it’s your call to choose the suitable ones for your kid, depending on their age and mood. Podcasts are undeniably a great way to engage kids and nurture lifelong learning without compromising their eye sights. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the sea of podcasts with your little ones and enjoy the process!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Are good podcasts for kids a good replacement for reading books?

    While podcasts can provide educational and entertaining content, reading books also offers benefits such as developing critical thinking and comprehension skills.

    What are some of the benefits of listening to podcasts for kids?

    Listening to podcasts for kids can help build vocabulary and literacy, foster imagination and creativity, and provide age-appropriate knowledge and entertainment.

    How can parents monitor the content their kids are listening to on podcasts?

    Parents can listen to the podcasts with their kids or preview them beforehand to ensure that the content is age-appropriate and aligns with their family values.

    Amy Gill
    Amy Gill is a Contributing Editor at SplashLearn. As a former teacher, she likes to write about education reforms, edtech and how to make learning more fun for children.

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