Factor Pairs - Definition with Examples

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Factor Pairs Games


Understand factors and find factor pairs for numbers in the range 1-100. All factors of a number divide the number without leaving any remainder.

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What is Factor Pairs?

In math, we can define a factor pair as a set of two factors, which, when multiplied together, give a particular product. To simplify, we can say, a factor pair is a set of two numbers we multiply to get a product.

For instance, in the multiplication sentence or fact, 5 × 6 = 30, 5 and 6 is one of the factor pair that gives us the product 30. In other words, 30 is the product of 5 and 6; or 30 is the multiple of 5 and 6, and here, we are multiplying 5 and 6 to get 30. Hence, 5 and 6 are the factors of 30.




A number can have multiple factor pairs too. Here’s how a number can have multiple factor pairs. For example:

Find the factor pairs of 24.

factor pair

Factors of 24: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24

Factor pairs of 24: 1 × 24; 2 × 12 ; 3 × 8; 4 × 6


When the numbers in a factor pair are multiplied, we get the product. 

factor pair multiplication


Factor pair of prime numbers:

A number that has only two factors, 1 and the number itself, is called a prime number

Any prime number will have only a single factor pair. Example: for the prime number 17: 17 × 1 = 17, therefore it has only one factor pair.


  Fun Facts

  • All natural numbers are the product of at least one factor pair. 

  • 1 is a factor of every number. For example: 1 x 5 = 5, 1 x 12 = 12, 1 x 59 = 59

  • In division, divisor and quotient are both factors of the dividend if the remainder is zero. 


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