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Half a Gallon: Introduction

The most common customary units of liquid volume are cups, pints, quarts and gallons. Half a gallon, as the name suggests, is half of the gallon. It is also an imperial unit of liquid volume.

Half gallon and other customary units of volume

What Is Half a Gallon in Math?

Half a gallon is half of a gallon, a customary unit of volume and capacity. The abbreviation for gallon is gal.

1 US liquid gallon $= 3.785412$ liters

So, the half of a US gallon (US gal) is nearly 1.89 liters.

1 Imperial gallon $= 4.546092$ liters

So, the half of a standard imperial gallon (imp gal) is approximately 2.27 liters.

In day-to-day life, we use this unit to represent the volume of a fluid.

Examples: half a gallon of diesel, half a gallon milk, half a gallon of water

Half a Gallon and Other Customary Units of Volume

Relationship of a gallon with other customary units is shown in the following image.

Gallon, quart, pint, cup

In summary, we can write

1 gallon $= 4$ quarts

$= 8$ pints

$= 16$ cups

$= 32$ gills 

$= 128$ fluid ounces

We use these measurements to get the relationship between half a gallon and customary units.

Divide by 2!

We can establish the relationship between half gallon and other customary units as well using the above relations. Simply divide by 2! 

So, what makes half a gallon?

Half gallon $= 2$ quarts

$= 4$ pints

$= 8$ cups

$= 16$ gills 

$= 64$ fluid ounces

Gallon, quart, pint, cup, fluid ounce interrelations

Half a Gallon and Metric Units of Volume

1 US liquid gallon $= 3.785412$ liters

So, the half of a US gallon (US gal) is nearly 1.89 liters.

One liter is equivalent to a cubic decimeter.

So, 1 liter $= 1\; \text{dm}^{3}$

      1.89 liter $= 1.89\; \text{dm}^{3}$

      Half a gallon $= 1.89\; \text{liter} = 1.89\; \text{dm}^{3}$

How Much Is a Half Gallon in Math?

Let’s recall some important facts!

  • How Many Quarts in a Half Gallon? 

2 quarts!

  • How Many Ounces in a Half Gallon? 

64 ounces!

  • How Many Liters in a Half Gallon (US gallon)? 

Nearly 1.89 liters!

How to Measure Half a Gallon?

As mentioned earlier, if you want to know how much of each liquid a half gallon contains, simply divide the standard gallon measurements by two. 

$\frac{1}{2}$ gallon $=  2$ quarts $= 4$ pints $= 8$ cups $= 64$ fluid ounces

Fun Facts about Half a Gallon

  • Historically, both imperial and US gallons were base units used to measure the volume of wine and beer.
  • The US gallon is equivalent to the UK wine gallon, and the corn gallon is equivalent to the US dry gallon (a unit used to measure dry substances like food grains).
  • A liter of water weighs 1 kg. 

So, half a gallon of water weighs about 1.89 kgs.

  • There are eight cups of milk in a half gallon milk carton. For a family of three (two adults and a child), a half-a-gallon milk carton will meet their daily dairy needs, considering the USDA recommendation of 3 cups daily for adults and 2 cups for children.
  • The Divide by Two Rule Song

Divide a gallon by two, and here I am!

Cut me into two, and get twin quarts with tiny hearts

Further, bisect quarts, and you have two pints – but they won’t give you hints!

Divide it by two, and here are two cups – drink eight a day for a healthy diet!

Slash a cup by two, and you’ll get two gills – but don’t confuse it with the fishy gills.

Divide it by four, and here come four ounces, waiting to pounce.

Division of a gallon into two half gallons


In this article, we learned about “half a gallon,” a common customary and imperial unit of measuring volume. Let’s solve some examples and practice problems to understand it better.

Solved Examples on Half a Gallon

1. How many pints are there in half of a gallon?


1 gallon $= 8$ pints

Therefore, half a gallon $= 4$ pints.

2. Which container can hold a larger volume of water? A gallon carton or a 32 gills bottle?


1 gallon $= 32$ gills

So, both containers have the same capacity.

3. How many ounces are there in half of a gallon?


1 gallon $= 128$ fl. oz.

So, one half a gallon $= 64$ fl. oz.

4. Half a US gallon = ____ liters?


1 US gallon $= 3.785412$ liters

So, half a US gallon equals nearly 1.89 liters.

5. Convert 64 cups into half gallons.


1 gallon $= 16$ cups

Half gallon $= 8$ cups

8 half gallons $= 64$ cups

Practice Questions on Half a Gallon

Half a Gallon in Math -  Definition With Examples

Attend this quiz & Test your knowledge.


Half a gallon $=$ ____ $\text{dm}^{3}$

Correct answer is: 1.89
1 liter $= 1.89$ dm
So, half gallon $= 1.89$ liters $= 1.89\; \text{dm}^{3}$

8 cups $=$ __ gallon

Correct answer is: $\frac{1}{2}$
16 cups $= 1$ gallon
So, 8 cups $= \frac{1}{2}$ gallon

Joe purchased three milk cartons; a half a gallon cart, 4 quarts, and 16 cups. If half-a-gallon milk cost $\$2$, how much did she pay?

Correct answer is: $\$10$
1 half gallon cart;
2 quarts $=$ half gallon $\Rightarrow 4$ quarts $= 2$ half gallon carts;
16 cups $= 1$ gallon$\Rightarrow 8$ cups $= 2$ half gallon carts
Joe purchased 5 half-a-gallon milk carts.
One-half a gallon of milk costs $\$2$.
So, 5 half-a-gallon milk costs $5 \times \$2 = \$10$.

The half of half a gallon is:

1 quart
2 pints
4 cups
All of these
Correct answer is: All of these
1 gallon $= 4$ quarts
Half gallon $= 2$ quarts
Half of half a gallon $= 1$ quart $= 2$ pints $= 4$ cups

Ana drinks 16 cups of water daily. In gallons, it is:

2 gallons
1 gallon
6 gallons
8 gallons
Correct answer is: 1 gallon
16 cups $= 1$ gallon

Frequently Asked Questions on Half a Gallon

1.89 liters make half a gallon. 2 quarts, 4 pints, 8 cups, 16 gills, and 64 ounces also make half a gallon.

Half a gallon is approximately 1.89 liters. Therefore, it isn’t exactly 2 liters.

Half a US gallon is 0.38 liters less than half an imperial gallon.

2 liters is more than half of a gallon.