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What Is a Measuring Tape?

A measuring tape is a flexible tool used for measuring length. It is made up of materials like fiberglass, cloth, plastic, metal ribbon or strip. So, it is a kind of flexible ruler also known as a tape measure.  It is marked in centimeters and inches.

What is a Measuring Tape?

Markings on a Measuring Tape

A measuring tape shows marking in two different units—centimeters and inches.

Division Markings in Centimeters

The measurements on the bottom of the image given below are in centimeters and millimeters. 10 millimeters make 1 cm, so there are 10 divisions between each centimeter. Each small division is equivalent to 1 mm. When looking at the given image, the first small mark after the 5 cm marking denotes a measurement of 51 mm which can also be referred to as 5.1 cm.

Division Markings in Inches

The measurements towards the top of the given image are in inches. The large numbers, 1, 2, 3 …, marked next to the long markings represent whole inches. Between these numbers are small divisions that represent fractions of an inch. Since 12 inches make 1 foot, there is a ‘foot’ marking after every 12 inches.

Markings on a Measuring Tape

How to Measure Using a Measuring Tape?

To read a measuring tape, follow these steps:

  • Place the 0 mark of the tape at one end of the object. 
  • Roll out the tape to the other end of the object.
  • Find the closest cm marking and count the remaining number of mm markings to its right. For example, if there are 3 markings after 9 cm marking, then the measurement would be 9.3 cm.
  • Similarly, for measuring in inches, read from the other side of the measuring tape.

Solved Examples

Example 1: Read the length of the given objects using the measuring tape as shown. 

measurement example 1

Solution: The tip of the pencil is at the fifth marking after the 9 cm mark. So, the length of the pencil is 9.5 cm.

Example 2: Read the length of the given objects using the measuring tape as shown.

measurement example 2

Solution: The vase end is at the second marking after the 7-inch mark. So, the length of the vase is 7.2 inches.

Example 3: Read the length of the given objects using the measuring tape as shown.

measurement example 3

Solution: The length of the umbrella starts at the 2-inch mark and ends at the 16-inch mark. So, the length of the umbrella is 16 – 2 inches = 14 inches.

Example 4: How many inches are in 25 feet of measuring tape?

Solution: 1 foot = 12 inches

Therefore, 25 feet = 25 × 12 inches = 300 inches

So, there will be 300 inches in a 25-feet-long measuring tape.

Practice Problems

Measuring Tap

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Which of the following is used to measure distance?

Measuring Tape
Correct answer is: Measuring Tape
It is a foldable form of ruler used to measure length.

Which among these cannot be measured by measuring tape?

Correct answer is: temperature
Temperature cannot be measured using a measuring tape. It is measured by a thermometer.

Which of the given tools can be used to measure the length of a pen?

Measuring cup
Correct answer is: Ruler
A ruler is a tool used to measure short lengths. The thermometer is used to measure the temperature. A protractor is used to measure the degree of an angle. A measuring cup is used to measure the capacity of a container.

What unit of measurement will be the most suitable to measure the distance between two cities?

Correct answer is: Kilometer
Millimeter, centimeter, and decimeter are used to measure short lengths, whereas kilometer is used to measure long distances. The measurement unit for long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tape measure is another name for measuring tape.

Most measuring tapes show inch markings at the top and centimeter markings at the bottom.

Hook. It is used to extend the tape from the case and hold the tape at one end to measure at the other end of the object.

The two most common sizes of measuring tapes are 12 feet and 25 feet.

Metric measurements are millimeters, centimeters, and meters, whereas imperial measurements are miles, yards, feet, and inches.