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What Is the Milliliters to Gallons Conversion?

Milliliters to gallons conversion is used to convert a given volume of liquid in milliliters to the equivalent volume in gallons. Note that 1 ml $= 0.000264172$ gal.

Milliliter is a unit of volume/capacity in the metric system. Gallon is a unit of liquid volume in the US customary system. Milliliters to gallons conversion can be done by multiplying the volume in milliliters by the conversion factor of 0.000264.

You can convert milliliters to gallons instantly, without any calculation, using the calculator available online. Simply enter the numerical value of the volume in the input box next to the label “Volume.’’ The result rounded to 6 decimal places will show up automatically. 

Milliliters to Gallons Conversion Formula

1 milliliter to gallon conversion can be given as

1 ml $= 0.000264172$ gal 

Thus, we can state the ml to gallon conversion formula as

$gallons = milliliters \times 0.000264$.


$gallons = \frac{milliliters}{3785.41}$

How to Convert Milliliters to Gallons

1 ml $= 0.0002641721$ gallon
1 gallon $= 3785.411784$ ml

The steps to convert milliliters to gallons (US liquid gallons) are given below: 

Step 1: Note down the volume in mL.

Step 2: Multiply the given number by 0.000264. 

(or divide the given number by 3785.41.)

Example: How many gallons are in 2 ml?

2 ml $0.000264 = 0.000528$ gal 

So, there are 0.000528 US gallons in 2 milliliters.


Number of gallons $= \frac{2}{3785.41} = \frac{200}{378541} =  0.000528$ gal


A milliliter (symbol: ml or mL) is a unit of volume. It is not an S.I. unit but accepted in the S.I. system.

To measure larger quantities of liquid, we use liters. To measure smaller quantities of liquid, we use milliliters. Milliliter is used to measure a small amount of liquid like medicine bottles and perfume bottles. Various measurement devices like pipettes or beakers use milliliters as the unit of measurement.    


Gallon (symbol: gal) is a customary unit used to measure volume or liquid capacity. In the United States (US), gallons are often used for larger containers, such as half gallon tubs of ice cream or one-gallon cartons of milk. 

Example of container with capacity of 1 gallon

The gallon is a unit of volume which usually refers to the United States liquid gallon. There are three definitions in current use: 

The US (liquid) gallon

This unit of measurement  is used in the US and some Latin American and Caribbean countries; and is equal to 3.785412 l.

The imperial gallon

This unit of measurement is used in the United Kingdom and semi-officially within Canada, and is approximately equal to 4.546 l.

The US (dry) gallon

This unit of measurement is less used, and is approximately equal to 4.405 l.

Milliliters to Gallons Conversion Chart

Milliliter [ml]Gallon (US) [gal (US)]
1 ml0.0002641721 gal (US)
2 ml0.0005283441 gal (US)
3 ml0.0007925162 gal (US)
  5 ml0.0013208603 gal (US)
  10 ml0.0026417205 gal (US)
20 ml0.005283441 gal (US)
50 ml0.0132086026 gal (US)
100 ml0.0264172052 gal (US)
1000 ml0.2641720524 gal (US)

How to Convert Gallons to Milliliter

1 US Gallon = 3785.41 milliliters

To convert US gallons into milliliters, you need to multiply by the conversion factor of 3785.41.

And to convert milliliters to gallons you can divide the quantity by 3785.41 to get the number of US gallons.

Facts about Milliliters to Gallons Conversion

  • There are 3,785.411784 milliliters in a gallon.
  • 1 gallon = 3.78541 liters
  • A gallon is used to measure larger quantities of liquid compared to a milliliter.
  • A gallon of milk weighs more than a gallon of water because of its fat content.


In this article, we learned about the units of volume—gallons and milliliters—and how to convert milliliters to US liquid gallons, steps, formulas. Let’s solve a few examples to understand this better.

Solved Example on Milliliters to Gallons Conversion

1. Convert 3,78,541 milliliters to gallons.


1 gallon = 3,785.41 milliliters.

We can convert given millimeters to gallons by dividing the quantity by 3,785.41.

 So, quantity in gallons $= \frac{378541}{3785.41}$

                                         $=  \frac{37854100}{378541}$

                                        $= 100$ gallons


you can multiply 3,78,541 milliliters by  0.000264 to get the number of gallons.

Gallons $= 3,78,541\times0.000264 =  99.934824 = 100$ approx.

2.  Convert 5 gallons (US) to milliliters.


1 US Gallon $= 3785.41$ milliliters

5 US gallons $= 5\times3785.41 = 18,927.05$ ml

Therefore, 5 Gallons is equal to 18,927.05 ml

3. The capacity of a bottle is 9877 milliliters. Find the capacity in gallons (US).


Gallons $= 9877\times0.000264 = 2.61$ gallons (approx.)


Gallons $= \frac{9877}{3785.41} = \frac{987700}{378541} = 2.61$ gallons (approx.)

4. Jenny bought two gallons of milk. She wants to pour this milk into 600 ml bottles. How many bottles will be required? 


Convert 2 gallons to milliliters.

1 gallon $= 3785.41$ ml 

So, 2 gallons $= 2 \times 3785.41$ ml $= 7,570.82$ ml

Number of 600 ml bottles required to fill 7570.82 ml $= \frac{7570.82}{600} = 12.6180$

So, the number of bottles required is 13.

5. Convert 5 milliliters to gallons.


1 gallon $= 3,785.41$ milliliters

$? = 5$ ml

Divide the number of milliliters by 3785.41 to find the equivalent gallons.

5 ml $= 0.001321$ gal

Practice Problems on Milliliters to Gallons Conversion

Milliliters to Gallons Conversion

Attend this quiz & Test your knowledge.


1 ml $=$ ______ gal

Correct answer is: 0.0002641721
1 US Gallon $= 3785.41$ milliliters
1 ml $= 0.0002641721$ gal

Convert 7,400 ml to gallons.

7.4 gallons
0.97 gallons
1.36 gallons
1.95 gallons
Correct answer is: 1.95 gallons
Gallon $= 7,400$ ml $\times 0.000264 = 1.95$ gallons
Gallon $= \frac{7400}{3785.41} = \frac{740000}{378541} = 1.95$ gallons

Convert 15,000 ml to gallons using British Imperial units. Choose the closest answer.

0.78 gallons
0.33 gallons
1.47 gallons
3.30 gallons
Correct answer is: 3.30 gallons
1 imperial gallon $= 4.546 liters = 4546$ milliliters
So, 15,000 ml $= \frac{15000}{4546} = 3.30$ gallons(imperial)

1,28,703.94 ml $=$ ________ gallons

Correct answer is: 34
Gallons $= \frac{128703.94}{3785.41} = \frac{12870394}{378541} = 34$

Frequently Asked Questions on Milliliters to Gallons Conversion

There are 0.0002642 gallons in a milliliter.

The formula to convert milliliters to gallons:

$Gallons\; = \;milliliters \times 0.0002642$.

Since, 1 imperial gallon  $= 4.546$ liters and 1 US gallon $= 3.785$ liters, so imperial gallon is heavier.

US gallons (dry) is a US capacity measure (for dry material) equal to 4 quarts or 4.404 liters.

 US gal (dry) $=$ US gal (liquid)$ \times 0.85937$

There are 3,785 ml in a gallon

There are 3,785 milliliters in a gallon. There are 1,892 milliliters in a half gallon.