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Comparing Cheetahs & Cats - Lesson Plan

This interactive lesson plan focuses on teaching students the concept of comparing and contrasting. The session begins with an activity that encourages students to find similarities and differences between themselves and their friends, setting the tone for the class. The main part of the lesson involves reading a story called 'Born to Hunt' which highlights the similarities and differences between cats and cheetahs. Students are then given independent practice where they have to compare a game played in Spain with one from their own country. Extra activities include comparing a book with a movie, sorting words into categories, etc.

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The main focus of 'Comparing Cheetahs & Cats: An Interactive Lesson' is to teach students how to identify similarities and differences by comparing and contrasting various subjects.

Activities in 'Comparing Cheetahs & Cats: An Interactive Lesson' include finding similarities/differences between friends, reading aloud a story, identifying similarities/differences between cats/cheetahs, comparing games from different countries, etc.

Comparing Cheetahs & Cats: An Interactive Lesson' enhances critical thinking by encouraging students to identify similarities/differences, analyze information from various sources (story, games), make connections between different concepts (book/movie), etc.


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