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Exploring Narrative Perspectives - Lesson Plan

This comprehensive lesson plan is designed to help students understand the concept of point of view in narratives. The lesson begins with an introduction activity where students read two versions of the same story, one in first person and one in third person. This is followed by a focused learning session where students read a story and identify its point of view. Students then get a chance to practice identifying and comparing points of view with additional passages. The lesson concludes with a summary section and additional practice where students rewrite sentences in different points of view.

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The 'Understanding Narrative Point of View' lesson plan focuses on helping students understand and identify different narrative perspectives, specifically first person and third person views.

The 'Understanding Narrative Point of View' lesson encourages student participation through interactive activities such as reading stories, answering comprehension questions, sorting examples, comparing contrasting points of view, and rewriting sentences from different perspectives.

In the 'Understanding Narrative Point of View' lesson, various materials are provided for practice including stories for reading comprehension, example sentences for sorting exercises, additional passages for identification tasks, and an exit card for self-assessment.


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