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Keys to Finding the Message - Lesson Plan

In this interactive lesson, students embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the key details and morals hidden within stories. The class begins with an engaging treasure chest activity, followed by reading and analyzing 'The Fable of Three Cats'. Students then participate in the Word Hunter activity to understand certain words better. An optional energizer activity is included for extra fun. The session concludes with independent practice activities where students apply their newfound skills to find key details and piece together the moral of the fable.

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The main objective of 'Keys to Finding the Message' lesson plan is for students to learn how to identify key details within a story and use those details to determine its moral.

In 'Keys to Finding the Message' lesson plan, activities include a treasure chest game, reading 'The Fable of Three Cats', participating in Word Hunter activity, and independent practice exercises that involve finding key details and determining the moral of a story.

In 'Keys to Finding the Message' lesson plan, student understanding is assessed through probing questions after each paragraph read from 'The Fable of Three Cats', as well as through independent practice exercises where students apply their learned skills. Additionally, an exit slip is given at end of session for further assessment.


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