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Perspective Pioneers Point of View - Lesson Plan

This interactive lesson plan introduces students to the concept of point of view through engaging activities and storytelling. Students will learn how different people can have different opinions about the same thing, identify characters' points of view in a story, and express their own perspectives on various topics. The session includes an introduction activity, reading a story, conducting an energizer activity, facilitating discussions, summarizing main points, and assessing understanding through an exit card. This lesson is designed to promote active learning, critical thinking, and participation among students.

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The main objective is to help students distinguish their own point of view from those of characters in a story by engaging them in various interactive activities.

The lesson includes several engaging activities such as reading a story called 'Do I Need a Doctor?', identifying different characters' points of view, expressing their own point of view on given topics, and an optional energizer activity called 'Create a Tale'.

The lesson promotes active learning by encouraging students to participate in discussions, express their own opinions on various topics, engage in storytelling and matching activities that reinforce understanding.


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