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Poetic Parallels Compare & Contrast - Lesson Plan

In 'Poetic Parallels', students will embark on a journey through two poems, 'I Think of My Dog when it Rains' and 'Iggy Flint'. The lesson begins with an introduction to comparison using a Venn Diagram, followed by reading sessions where students delve into each poem. Probing questions are used to ensure comprehension. Students then participate in an energizer activity before independently solving a Tic-Tac-Toe game based on the material covered. The session concludes with a summary recap and an exit slip for reflection.

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The main objective of the 'Poetic Parallels' lesson is to teach students how to compare and contrast two poems using a Venn Diagram.

The 'Poetic Parallels' lesson includes reading two poems, filling out a Venn Diagram, answering probing questions, participating in an energizer activity, playing a Tic-Tac-Toe game, and reflecting on learning via an exit slip.

The 'Poetic Parallels' lesson enhances student understanding by combining interactive activities like reading sessions, games, and reflection exercises with traditional teaching methods.


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