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Predictive Prowess Reading Strategy - Lesson Plan

In this engaging lesson plan titled 'Predictive Prowess', students embark on a journey to master prediction skills as a reading strategy. The session begins with a warm-up activity called 'I think', where students make predictions based on clues provided. They then delve deeper into different kinds of predictions that can be made with a story, using titles, illustrations, and sentences. The highlight of the session is when they read a story together with their tutor, making predictions before, during, and after the reading process. Their responses are recorded in an anchor chart along with supporting evidence. The session concludes with reflection time where students revise their predictions based on new information gathered from the story.

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The main objective of the 'Predictive Prowess' lesson plan is to teach students how to make accurate predictions as a reading strategy using various elements such as title, illustrations and sentences within a story.

The 'Predictive Prowess' lesson includes several interactive activities like guessing games for warm-up, reading passages for prediction practice, recording responses in an anchor chart and revising predictions based on new information.

The 'Predictive Prowess' lesson plan assesses student understanding through an exit slip completed by students at the end of the session. This helps gauge their grasp on making accurate predictions while reading.


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