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Quest for Questions - Lesson Plan

This lesson plan, titled 'Quest for Questions', is designed to enhance students' questioning and answering skills. It includes various interactive activities such as 'Ask and Answer', 'In a New City', 'Around the Town', and 'Phone a Friend'. Each activity targets different aspects of communication, including listening, talking, thinking, and writing. The tutor guides the students through these activities by assuming the role of a character. The lesson concludes with a summary section that includes a quiz and worksheets for further practice.

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The main focus of the 'Quest for Questions' lesson plan is to enhance students' questioning and answering skills through various interactive activities.

The 'Quest for Questions' lesson plan includes activities like 'Ask and Answer', where students create questions based on given pictures; 'In a New City', where they learn about the importance of Who, What, When, Where, Why, How in asking questions; and other engaging tasks.

In the 'Quest for Questions' lesson plan, the tutor guides students by assuming roles of characters during activities. This helps engage students more effectively in their learning process.


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