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Reading Detectives Evidence Finding - Lesson Plan

In the 'Reading Detectives' lesson, students are introduced to the concept of claims, evidence, and reasoning through an engaging story. The lesson involves reading a story called 'How Smart Are Humans?' by Kay Nine, where students practice finding evidence to support claims. The teacher guides students throughout the process, providing hints as needed. The lesson concludes with a summary and reflection activity. This lesson is designed to enhance students' reasoning skills and their ability to support claims with appropriate evidence.

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The 'Reading Detectives' lesson plan focuses on teaching students how to find evidence in a text to support claims and develop reasoning skills.

The 'Reading Detectives' lesson includes reading a story aloud, participating in a Word Hunter activity where students find meanings of words using contextual clues, and filling out a table with claims, evidence, and reasoning based on the story.

The 'Reading Detectives' lesson enhances student's learning by teaching them how to find evidence in texts to support their claims. It also helps them develop their reasoning skills which are crucial for understanding complex texts.


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