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Sensory Language Magic - Lesson Plan

Our 'Sensory Language Magic' lesson plan is a captivating journey into the world of sensory words and phrases. The session begins with a warm-up exercise followed by an introduction to sensory language. Students then dive into a story, identifying sensory words and phrases, before moving on to practical tasks where they use sensory language to describe pictures. The session concludes with a summary of learning objectives, an exit slip for assessment, and optional group activities for further practice. Total duration is approximately 45 minutes.

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The 'Sensory Language Magic' lesson plan focuses on teaching students about sensory words and phrases through reading, practical tasks, and group activities.

The 'Sensory Language Magic' lesson takes approximately 45 minutes, excluding optional additional practice time.

The 'Sensory Language Magic' lesson includes reading a story to identify sensory words, describing pictures using sensory language, completing a poem with sensory words and phrases, and optional group activities for further practice.


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