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Voices of Choices on Voice Modulation - Lesson Plan

In the 'Choices of Voices' lesson plan, students will explore the concept of voice modulation in a fun and engaging way. The lesson is divided into several sections including warm-up exercises, introduction to the concept, practice-based activities, application-based activities, summary, exit slip, worksheets and more practice if needed. Each section is designed to help students understand and apply the concept in real-life situations. The total time required for this lesson is approximately 38 minutes.

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The 'Choices of Voices' lesson plan focuses on teaching students about voice modulation through various interactive activities.

The estimated time to complete all sections in the 'Choices of Voices' lesson plan is approximately 38 minutes.

The 'Choices of Voices' lesson includes various activities such as reading a story with different characters and settings, answering questions based on character's feelings and thoughts, describing a family picnic from different points of view, matching images with their points of view and identifying feelings based on image clues.


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