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    4 Best Tips to Nurture a Growth Mindset

    When making a daily schedule for kids, making the process collaborative and integrated is essential. The schedule should not feel forced upon the child but be a mutually acceptable decision to strengthen your child’s daily productivity. 

    Using online tools and daily schedule planners is the right way to create a robust day-wise plan. Some of the best online schedule designers can also be integrated with emails, calendars, and other apps to integrate the plan within your smartphone seamlessly.

    Four tips on creating the best daily schedules for kids

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    1. Prioritize a growth mindset

    One of the best ways to make schedules meaningful is to allow for mindfulness, positive thinking, and activities that encourage growth mindset development. This includes meditation, yoga, reading, and other activities to strengthen introspection and early self-development.

    2. Backup activities

    Cancellations and delays are a normal part of every schedule, so it is essential to have backup activities. This also ensures minimal downtime due to changes, and kids are engaged throughout the day.

    3. Include active choices in schedules

    The best way to make daily schedules more impactful is to have them be motivational rather than a strict routine. You can add options within set schedule times to have kids choose which activities they want to go for. They can select an hour of reading or an hour of online learning for each day.

    4. Collaborate on a schedule that works

    Collaboration is important when designing the right schedule, so adding activities that your child loves is essential. Setting an end time is equally as important as setting a starting time, as kids know precisely when to come home after playing outside.

    Top tools for designing the perfect daily schedule for kids

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    There are many tools for creating a daily schedule for kids, so it is important to select the one that is flexible, creative, and scalable for planning out a whole month or a few weeks. A daily schedule for kids should also be easily editable so that you can introduce new changes faster.

    1. Canva – Daily planner

    Canva offers a daily planner template that allows you to quickly create daily schedules for kids without any hassles or limitations. You can choose from dozens of themes, colors, and ideas, while making the schedule creatively expressive to excite children about their day. The movable blocks can also be customized for specific types of planners, with multiple choices and colorful designs.

    2. Visme – Free schedule maker

    Using the application, you can create a highly organized and graphically interesting schedule for your kids. Through its templates and pre-made designs, you can quickly get started within minutes and create a perfect printable schedule. You can even create schedules for special classes, hobbies, and other aspects for better customizability.

    3. Adobe – Online schedule maker

    Adobe offers you a range of templates and an online schedule-making tool to get started. You can choose your design, browse thousands of templates, and add images and typography to create your schedule. You can share it online or download a digital copy, or even have it printed professionally to hang in your child’s room.

    4. Vista – Printable online schedules

    Vista provides an online schedule-making tool that can help you design creative schedules instantly. You can access more than fifty thousand templates and millions of images with the professional version. You can save different templates to make different types of schedules for each month to make it an interactive and creative form of planning.

    5. Printable Tiles and activities

    Etsy offers printable daily schedules for kids that can be purchased and printed at home. They are ideal for younger children that respond best to visually appealing messages. The daily schedule also has a chore chart, activities for the day, the time, and other essential elements needed to have a handy schedule. You can pick them up and print them out instantly.

    Scheduling your child’s day is the best way to improve their productivity. SplashLearn offers highly productive games and learning experiences to maximize screen time output.

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    You can access hundreds of games, activities, and quizzes for kids to improve their productivity and output in class. From Pre-K to grade 5, there are specially designed math and ELA games and worksheets to engage students holistically.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should be a child’s daily routine?

    A child’s routine should focus on optimizing their day. It should prioritize improving mental health, physical health, academic output, and overall productivity.

    How do I make a daily schedule for kids?

    For an utterly customizable option, you can opt for online schedule makers. If you want a premade template, you can find online printable versions, such as Etsy.  

    What should a 10-year-old’s routine be?

    While a timed waking up and sleep schedule is best, you should also incorporate studying, homework, games, online learning sessions, and free time to maximize their day.     

    What time should a 10-year-old go to bed?

    Before 9 PM is best to get 9-10 hours of sleep for recovery and brain development

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