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100 Best & Fun Kindergarten Writing Prompts for Kids

The best kindergarten writing prompts are the ones that are thought-provoking, funny, and interesting. They encourage your children to think in different ways by answering questions that are unconventional and engaging.

Your kids can also learn to improve their writing construction, grammar, and understanding of tenses and verbs with the right prompts. They can improve their writing abilities, innate comprehension, and pattern detection when making the right answers to prompts.

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Here are more educational resources for your preschooler to master writing!

10 Narrative Writing Prompts

Child completing a writing prompt homework

Narrative writing prompts are highly popular among kindergarten kids because it helps them understand how to think deeper about a topic. They can improve their writing and reading abilities while simultaneously collecting their thoughts when they get the right kindergarten narrative writing prompts. You can also get a sense of their innate creative abilities with the right opinion writing prompts kindergarten questions. 

1. If you could get one ability in the whole wide world, what would it be?   

2. If you were asked to make up a new flavor of chocolate, what would it be?    

3. Your mom and dad ask you to plan your next vacation. Where do you go?    

4. Do you have a sibling? Do you love spending time with your sibling?    

5. Do you have a hobby? Why do you enjoy it?    

6. At recess, I like to _.     

7. What’s your favorite subject at school? Why do you like it?

8. Have you ever had a dream that felt real? Describe it.

9. What’s your favorite song? Why do you love that song?   

10. What is your least favorite activity at school? Why do you not like it?

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10 Essay Writing Prompts

Children doing essay writing prompts

You can use the right informative kindergarten writing prompts to encourage your kids to write essays that are highly detailed. It’s important to help them write coherently and with purpose when they share their thoughts and opinions within the essay style. 

1. Write about your collection of educational toys. Why do you love your toys? Do you like sharing your toys?     

2. What’s the best way to apologize to someone? When do you say sorry to someone?  

3. Where was your last vacation? What things did you see there?

4. Have you tried a new food that you liked? How did you feel?

5. Why do kids go to school? What do kids learn at school?

6. Is there something new you learned in math? What was it?

7. Talk about the importance of learning to read better.

8. Do you have a pet? What do you love about your pet?

9. If you could meet Santa, what would you ask him? What presents would you want your friends to get?

10. If you could be a teacher for a day, what would you teach your class?    

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10 Research Prompts

Child researching to complete writing prompt kindergarten

You can make the process of improving your kids’ writing by having them research subjects that they love. You can make them research topics such as biology, history, and math, with interesting prompts that get them thinking. The best research-driven kindergarten writing prompts can show your kids the importance of continuous learning. 

1. What’s the largest animal in the world? Why did it become that big? 

2. What is the role of collaboration in our society?

3. Why do we get sick, and how can we prevent it?   

4. Write about the states of matter.

5. What happens when it rains? Where does the water go?

6. Research your family’s history. Where were they from?     

7. What does your family do when you’re at school?   

8. What are the steps that go into making clothes?

9. What is snow? Why does it snow in the winter?

10. How does an animal hibernate?      

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10 Funny Writing Prompts

Child working on funny writing prompts

You can pick out the funniest kindergarten writing prompts and have your kids laugh and write at the same time. You can make them chuckle as they write and help them unlock their inner comedian. Funny prompts also alleviate the stress of learning how to write in kindergarten, as it is a more casual writing exercise.

1. Imagine every vegetable you dislike is served to you for dinner. What would be your reaction?

2. What would you do if you were the President of your own country? What would be your first act as President?

3. What if your house was suddenly transformed into a Lego block house? What funny things would you experience?  

4. Write a funny short story about a unicorn and a tiger.  

5. Can you come up with funny, made-up words? What would they sound like?

6. A dolphin swam into the deep ocean and met a shark. What would their conversation be like?

7. Write a funny poem about your favorite cartoon.

8. Write a story about the journey of a talking carrot.

9. Imagine that you walk into a toy store, and every toy has a different accent. What would they talk about?

10. Write a funny story about the adventures of a flying dog.

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10 Poetry Prompts

Children doing poem writing prompt

Poetry is an excellent form of self-expression, especially when kids love to rhyme silly words and things. If your kids love singing and dancing, then having them write poetry can be a fruitful endeavor. Poetic kindergarten writing prompts can be great tools to improve grammar, sentence construction, and pattern recognition. 

1. Make a poem about the sun and the stars.  

2. Write about your day in the form of a poem.

3. Write a poem about your favorite color.      

4. Make up a poem in a completely new language. Try and make it rhyme.

5. Write a poem about a frog singing in the water.

6. Can you write a poem about ordering off the kid’s menu?

7. Write a poem about words that rhyme with cow.

8. Create a poem about your favorite breakfast foods.

9. Make up a poem about running in the yard.    

10. Write a poem about your city, talking about its landmarks, history, and fun places to explore. 

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10 Fiction-Themed Writing Prompts

Child working on fiction themed writing prompt

Introducing fiction-themed fun writing prompts for kindergarten kids can be helpful in driving more secondary processing writing. They can prepare a range of nuanced answers based on prompts that are specially designed to make them think outside their normal stimuli. 

1. You’re a part of the Peppa Pig universe, and you can talk to Peppa. What would you say to Peppa?

2. You can take a magical vacation anywhere in the world. Where would you go and how would you get there?

3. You’re sitting on a magical boat that can fly across the skies. You suddenly stop at the moon. What do you see? What happens next?

4. You’re in the school bus and stopped at a red light. Suddenly you find that the tires have turned into Swiss cheese. What happens next?   

5. You’ve brought two sandwiches for lunch but your friend forgot to carry his lunchbox. What do you do next?

6. Imagine that you’re a historian and have found the first material of the earth. What do you do?   

7. You’re learning how to swim, and suddenly, the water turns into green jelly. What do you do? Do you continue swimming?   

8. Imagine that you get to design a school from scratch. What new things would you add?   

9. You need to make a completely new flavor of ice-cream. What would it be?   

10. You’re riding a unicorn when suddenly you meet a rabbit. The rabbit asks for a ride to the market. What happens next? 

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10 Animal Journal Prompts!

Parent guiding child on animal writing prompts

Animal-themed creative writing prompts kindergarten assignments can help your child excel in the domain of imaginative writing. They can also apply many of the grammatical rules they’ve learned when writing about their favorite animals. These prompts are also excellent if your child loves animals naturally. 

1. Why do you love your pet? What are some of its qualities that you love?

2. Imagine that you can now talk to fish. What would you ask them?

3. A caterpillar takes a trip to the mall. What does it see?

4. You spot a cat walking on the edge of a tall building. What does it do next?

5. Is there a cartoon animal that you love? Write about them.  

6. My favorite farm animals are _.

7. A monkey escaped the zoo. Oh no! What happens next?

8. You are riding on top of an elephant in your city. What do you see?

9. Your guinea pig can now fly. Where does it go?

10. Write a story about a tiger losing its stripes. What does it do next? How does it find its stripes? 

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10 Deep Emotions Prompts

Child tapping into emotions for writing prompts

You can start talking about the emotional complexities of relationships and friendships with the right writing prompts for kindergarten kids. These can also help them focus on their inner thought process when it comes to dealing with emotions.

1. How do you feel when you talk to your friends? Do you feel appreciated?

2. How do you feel when you pet your cat?

3. What are some of the things that make you happy?    

4. How do you feel when you see your friend hurt?  

5. What was your last dream about? How did you feel?

6. What’s your favorite part about being at home?   

7. How do you feel when you are surrounded by your friends?    

8. Talk about the last time you felt sad. What made you feel sad?    

9. Write a letter to someone who made you feel bad. Talk about how they made you feel.

10. What are five things that you are thankful for? Talk about them in detail.     

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10 Journal Writing Prompts

Child doing journal writing prompts

The right kindergarten journal prompts can help your little ones excel in improving their writing skills. You can provide the right kindergarten writing prompts and have your kids talk about their thoughts and feelings. The best kindergarten journal prompts are the ones that ask your child to go deeper into their processing side. 

1. What’s your favorite stuffed toy? Talk about your favorite teddy bear.  

2. What do you feel when you get a hug from your parents?

3. Have you made someone feel special? What did you do?

4. I love my family because _.

5. I can make the world a better place by _.  

6. My daily routine involves _.

7. I plan on taking a vacation to _.  

8. I love my dog because _.  

9. When do you feel appreciated by others?

0. Why do you love animals? Talk about how animals make you feel.   

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10 Descriptive Writing Prompts

Kids completing writing prompt in school

The best part about descriptive writing topics for kindergarteners is that kids can fully express themselves without limitations. They can process complex information from the prompt and write out their thoughts in a cohesive way. Descriptive writing ideas for kindergarten kids also help them organize their sentences better.

1. Describe an interesting place you visited after school.  

2. What is your favorite hobby? Describe it in detail.

3. How do you want the world to be? Talk about what changes you’d like to see.

4. Describe your favorite meal. Why do you love it?

5. Describe your city’s layout. What are the major landmarks?

6. Talk about the things that you are good at.    

7. Why do you love your classroom? Describe the details of the classroom.

8. Talk about where you’d like to go on vacation next. Describe everything you want to see.  

9. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why do you love them?    

10. What is your favorite holiday? Why do you love that holiday?    

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Help Your Kindergartener Become A Better Writer

Children improving writing ability

The most important thing to remember when improving your kindergartener’s writing skills is to help them through different tasks. You can provide them right prompts, worksheets and lessons, but you also need to be there next to them helping them complete these materials.

You can also focus on writing letters, summaries, stories, poems for kids to keep your young ones engaged. You can pick out some interesting kindergarten journal topics and have your kids work on the ones that they love.

You can teach your kids to visualize what they’re about to write prior to starting. They can picture the kindergarten journal prompts in their minds and form a structured approach to completing the question. This can help them introduce more nuanced elements within a formalized framework. 

Conclusion: Let Your Kindergartner Explore All Sides of Their Writing Abilities

The best writing prompts help your kindergartener flourish in the domains of grammar, handwriting, pattern detection, and reading comprehension. You can encourage them to become better at writing different types of answers and responses, which makes them more confident in the English language.Get started today with the 100 kindergarten writing prompts!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I select the right writing prompts for my kindergarten child?

You can focus on prompts that your child finds interesting.

How do I encourage my child to write prompts regularly?

It’s best to reward them initially and help them get used to writing daily to improve their skills.

How many writing prompts should I have my kindergartener do?

You should start with 5-10 writing prompts that are of different types and genres.

How can my kindergartener improve their handwriting?

You can have your kindergartener practice their writing skills with worksheets, prompts, and journals.

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