When will my child start to write? Is my child writing well for their age? These are common questions parents have. Understanding the stages of writing development can provide the answers. Each stage marks a key step in your child's learning journey, from early scribbles to forming words and sentences. By knowing these stages, you can better support and encourage your child's writing skills. Let's explore the stages of writing development and see how you can help your child...

What Is Negative Reinforcement? Examples & Benefits

For decades, parents and teachers have unknowingly used positive and negative reinforcement strategies, to bring out the best in children. But how do we differentiated between negative reinforcement and punishment? Read this blog to find out!

10 Best DIY Halloween Games For Kids

Halloween is kids' favorite time of the year and this is when they get all creative with their party games, decorations and spooky activities! Are you wondering about the best DIY Halloween party games for your kids that are also budget friendly? Look no more and read this blog!

7 Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meanings

ROYGBIV or Roy.G.Biv is an acronym describing the colors of a rainbow. Are you excited to teach your child all about the rainbow colors? Look no more because this blog has all that you need to know about rainbows!

How To Celebrate World Teacher’s Day 2024

World Teacher's Day is celebrated on October 5 and aims to honour the educators of the world. Are you looking for interesting ways to make this special day even more exceptional for your teachers? Look no more! Read this blog to find out the best ways to celebrate World Teacher's Day 2021!

6 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Principals Month 2024

October is recognized as the National Principal's Month for 2021. Are you a teacher or a student looking for different and creative ways to honor your school principal? Look no more, this blog will answer all your queries!

World Teacher’s Day 2021: When & Why To Celebrate

World Teacher's Day is celebrated every year on 5th October. It aims to celebrate and honour the wonderful and significant work of the educators. Read this blog to know about the dates, themes, significance & history of World Teacher's Day!

10 Best Classic Fairy Tales For Your Kids’ Early Development

A fairy tale, magic tale or wonder tale is a short story involving legendary deeds. They are written to have an underlying moral in order to teach a lesson to children. Reading fairy tales helps kids improve their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills. Read this blog to know the best 10 fairy tales of all times!

How to Use Positive Reinforcement: 7 Best Tips

Positive Reinforcement is a behavior management strategy that focuses on changing current behaviors or creating new behaviors which carry the desired effect through a stimulus like a reward. Read on to know all about positive reinforcement, including specific tips for parents and teachers

10 Best Math Websites to Take the Math Blues Away

Help your kids love math by turning to these math websites for games. Your kid will have no more math blues with these fun games! Read on to find out why you should use games from math websites and which the best games available for different grades

117 Best Riddles for Kids (With Answers)

Young minds need to be challenged. They need to be fostered with opportunities that get them to flow their creative juices. They need to be given some field days when they can enhance their critical and problem-solving skills. And Riddles will help you do exactly that!  Read and have fun with your kids with these best riddles!

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