Did you know that worldwide, approximately 7% of children and adolescents struggle with spelling? Fortunately, modern educational technology offers a solution: spelling apps for kids. These apps provide valuable support for children facing spelling challenges. This blog will explore the 12 best spelling apps for kids to improve their spelling skills and easily overcome spelling obstacles. 1.  SplashLearn Who is it for: Prek through Grade 5 SplashLearn is a dynamic spelling solution that systematically guides kids from basic letter recognition to advanced...

10 Best Math Websites to Take the Math Blues Away

Help your kids love math by turning to these math websites for games. Your kid will have no more math blues with these fun games! Read on to find out why you should use games from math websites and which the best games available for different grades

117 Best Riddles for Kids (With Answers)

Young minds need to be challenged. They need to be fostered with opportunities that get them to flow their creative juices. They need to be given some field days when they can enhance their critical and problem-solving skills. And Riddles will help you do exactly that!  Read and have fun with your kids with these best riddles!

How to Multiply & Divide Fractions: 4 Easy Steps

Due to the lack of deep understanding of fractions, kids have a hard time understanding them. Read on to know all about engaging methods that would help kids visualize and ease the understanding of procedures involved in multiplying and dividing fractions through a simple methodology involving just 4 steps.

Splash Math is now SplashLearn!

In 2011, we asked ourselves one simple question - Learning how to play the piano is fun, so is learning how to play basketball...

50+ Best Summer School Teaching Ideas Students Would Love

Keep the learning going in the summer break with these fun ideas! Learning never stops with SplashLearn and here's how you can beat the summer learning loss!

5 Easy Ways to Make Math Fun for Kids

Kids often find mathematics daunting, but many such experiences are influenced by the general consensus among adults, rather than their own contact with it....

Stop Summer Slide, Get Math-Ready for Next Grade

Summer’s almost here! While you plan family time, beach trips and lemonade stands, don’t forget summer slide - the learning loss in kids in...

10 Tips for Keeping Your iPad Safe

We use iPads everyday- personally and professionally. It's a valuable device, not just price-wise, but also utility-wise. It stores a large amount of our...

Why First Grade Is Important?

Entering the first grade is a milestone in your kid's life. Are you excited to see your kid array into a world of learnings and hold their hand whilst they embrace their adventures? Read this blog to find out everything about first grade learning!

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