Quarter in Math – Definition with Examples

Mathematics is not just a subject of units and numbers. Math concepts are regularly applied in our daily lives. We don’t even realize how mathematical laws rule everything we see in our surroundings.

Today, we will discuss an interesting topic: a quarter in math.

A quarter is a mathematical fraction frequently used while measuring or calculating portion, time, money, etc.

Fractions - Representation of one-fourth

What Is a Quarter in Maths?

Let’s look at the quarter definition in math.

A quarter can be explained as one part of four equal parts. If you take one whole unit, it is made up of four quarters.

A quarter is represented by using fractions in mathematics.

In mathematical terms, a quarter fraction is the division of 1 whole into 4 equal parts, where 1 denotes the part that is referred to and 4 represents the number of parts into which the whole has been divided.

In numerical form, it is written as ¼.

Representation of a quarter

Let’s take an example to understand what’s a quarter in numbers.

For example, to find the quarter of 8 peaches, you need to divide them into 4 equal parts.

Each part will have 2 peaches. A quarter is what each equal part represents. 

So, the quarter of 8 is 2.

Using Quarter in Various Forms

A quarter in math can be used to represent various things:

  • Time, such as a quarter of an hour. You can divide 1 hour, that is 60 minutes, by quarter:

There are 15 minutes in one quarter. Therefore, “quarter to 4” or “quarter past 4” denotes the time to be 3:45 and 4:15, respectively.

A quarter of an hour
  • The year, such as a quarter of a year. You can divide 1 year, that is 12 months, by 4 (a quarter). This means each quarter includes 3 months.
    • Quarter 1 – January 1 to March 31
    • Quarter 2 – April 1 to June 30
    • Quarter 3 – July 1 to September 30
    • Quarter 4 – October 1 to December 31
four quarters of a year
  • Money, such as a quarter of a dollar. 100 cents make 1 dollar. So, a quarter of a dollar would be 25 cents.
A quarter of a dollar

Fun Fact!

  • The term quarter is also a name used for one of McDonald’s popular burgers, the “Quarter Pounder.” The burger contains a patty that weighs ¼ pound in its precooked state, which is the reason behind this name.

Solved Examples

Example 1: Write the quarter of 32 and state how many 4s are in the number 32?


$32/4 = 8$


$1/2$$\times 32 =16$

$1/2$$\times 16 = 8$

Example 2: Calculate the quarter of 68.


$1/4$$\times 68 = 17$

Example 3: Sunny has a quarter of 48 muffins, and Harry has half of 24 muffins. Find out who has more muffins.


Quantity of muffins Sunny has$ = 1/4$$\times 48 = 12$

Quantity of muffins Harry has  $= 1/2$$\times 24 = 12$

Therefore, both Sunny and Harry have an equal number of muffins, i.e., 12 muffins.

Practice Problems

Quarter in Math - Definition with Examples

Attend this quiz & Test your knowledge.

1Calculate the quarter of $20$.

Correct answer is: 5
As we know, a quarter of anything is ¼ of anything.
$1/4$$\times 20 = 5$
Thus, the answer is ‘5’.

2The diameter of a circle is 32 cm. Calculate the area of a quarter circle.

$201.14 cm²$
$114.5 cm²$
$90.12 cm²$
$217.06 cm²$
Correct answer is: $201.14 cm²$
Diameter of the circle = 32 cm
Total area of a quarter circle $= πd²/16$
$= 22/7$$\times 1/16 \times 322$
$= 201.14 cm²$
When the length of radius $= r$
The length of diameter (d) of the circle $= 2r$
Therefore, $r = d/2$.
Area of the circle $= π(d/2)²$
$= πd²/4$
Thus, area of quarter circle$ = ¼ × π(d/2)²$
$x= πd²/16$

3Eric invited 52 guests for his birthday party. However, only a quarter of the entire guest list arrived. Calculate how many guests attended the party.

Correct answer is: 13
Number of guests invited to the party $= 52$
Number of guests attended the party $= 1/4$$\times 52$
$= 13$

4Mary bought 24 apples from the store. A quarter of them were rotten and had to be discarded. How many fresh apples are remaining?

Correct answer is: 18
Number of apples bought $= 24$
Number of apples that were rotten $= 1/4$$\times 24$
$= 6$
Number of fresh apples left $= 24 – 6$
$= 18$

Frequently Asked Questions

A quarter is one-fourth of a whole number, and numerically it is represented as 1/4. Three quarters mean 1/4 x 3 or 3/4.

A few of the equivalent fractions of a quarter are:

1/4 = 2/8 = 3/12 = 4/16 = 5/20 = 6/24, and so on

Equivalent fractions of a quarter

A quarter of an hour means 15 minutes.

One hour means 60 minutes, and a quarter of 60 minutes is thus 1/4 x 60 = 15