Hectares to Acres Conversion – Definition, Examples, Facts, FAQs

What Is the Hectare to Acre Conversion?

Hectare to acre conversion is a conversion between two units of area measurement.

When one deals with land measurements, it becomes crucial to know about conversions between different units. Hectares and acres are two commonly used standard units of the area of land, so it is important to learn hectare to acre conversions.

You can convert hectares to acres instantly and accurately by using a free online tool that serves the purpose of a calculator. 

What Is Hectare?

Hectare (symbol: ha) is a unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters. It is not an S.I. unit, but it is accepted in the S.I. system.

1 hectare $= 2.471$ acres $= 10,000$ square meters

It is commonly used to measure land area in forestry, agriculture, and land management. Hectare is a convenient unit for expressing huge land areas and is frequently used in estimates for crop yields, land use planning, and environmental impact assessments.

What Is Acre?

An acre (symbol: ac) is a unit of land area in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement that is equal to 43,560 square feet or approximately 4046.86 square meters. 

1 acre $= 0.405$ hectares $= 4046.86$ square meters $= 43,560$ square feet

Currently, the acre is employed as a unit for measuring large plots of land, such as real estate, agricultural land, and natural resource management. Also, the unit acre is normally used to plan and expand urban areas.

Hectare to Acre Conversion Formula

It is important to know what 1 hectare to acre actually means. We must also know what is a conversion factor. The conversion factor of a hectare to acre can be written as:

1 hectare $= 2.47105$ acres

So, to do hectare to acre conversion, you may use the following hectare to acre formula:

  Hectare to Acre Formula
  Acres $= \text{Hectares}\times 2.47105$

Similarly, in the conversion of acres to hectares, we have 

1 acre $= \frac{1}{2.47105}$ hectares $= 0.404686$ hectares

    Acre to Hectare Formula
    $\text{Hectares} = \frac{Acres}{2.47105}$

How to Convert Hectare into Acre: Steps

Steps to convert hectare to acre are as follows:

Step 1: Write down the hectare value that needs to be converted to acres.

Step 2: Multiply the hectare value by the conversion factor, i.e., 2.47105, to obtain the equivalent value in acres.

Example 1:  10 hectares $= 10 \times 2.47105 = 24.7105$ acres

So, 10 hectares equals 24.7105 acres.

Example 2: If a portion of land measures 5 hectares in area, what will be the equivalent area in acres?

Acres $= \text{Hectares}\times 2.47105$

5 Acres $= (5 \times 2.47105)$ hectares

5 Acres $= 12.35525$ acres

  • Steps to convert acre to hectare are as follows:

Step 1: Write down the acre value that needs to be converted to hectares.

Step 2: Divide the acre value by the conversion factor, i.e., 2.47105, to acquire the equivalent value in hectares.

Example: Convert 50 acres to hectares.

Hectares $= \frac{Acres}{2.47105}$

50 acres $= \frac{50}{2.47105}$

50 acres $= 20.234$ hectares

So, 50 acres is equal to 20.234 hectares.

Hectare to Acre Conversion Table

Hectares [ha]Acres [ac]

(Note: Figures are rounded to 5 decimal places.)

Facts on Hectare to Acre Conversion

  • 1 hectare converted to acre is 2.47105 acre.
  • Origins of the word “acre”:
    1. Old English “æcer” (denoting the amount of land a yoke (pair) of oxen could plough in a day)
    2. Dutch akker and German acker meaning “field”
    3. Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit ajras meaning “plain, open country”
    4. Latin ager, and Greek agros meaning ‘field’
  • The area of an American football field is about 1.32 acres, which is about 0.534185 hectares.
  • The conversion factor in the hectare to acre conversion is not a round number. 1 hectare equals 2.47105381467 acres.
  • The prefix “hecto” used commonly in the metric system denotes the value of 100.


Now, you have an idea about an overview of hectare and acre units, how to convert hectare into acre, hectare to acre conversion table, conversion factor, and hectare to acre formula. Let’s solve a few examples and practice problems.

Solved Examples on Hectare to Acre Conversion

1. Convert 200 hectares to acres.


1 hectare $= 2.47105$ acres

200 hectares $= 200 \times 2.47105$

200 hectares $= 494.21$ acres

Therefore, the acre value of 200 hectares of land is 494.21 acres.

2. What will be 30 hectares when converted to acres?


1 hectare $= 2.47105$ acres

30 hectares $= 30 \times 2.47105$ 

$= 74.1315$ acres.

Therefore, 74.1315 acres will be the value of 30 hectares when converted to acres.

3. Convert 

a) 5 acres to hectares. 

b) 5 hectares to acres.


a) 1 acre $= 0.404686$ hectares

Therefore, 5 acres $= 5 \times 0.404686 = 2.02343$ hectares

b) 1 hectare $= 2.47105$ acres

Therefore, 5 hectares $= 5 \times 2.47105$ acres $= 12.35527$ acres

4. Convert 100 acres into hectares.


1 acre equals 0.404686 hectares.

100 acres $= 100 \times 0.404686$

100 acres $= 40.4686$ hectares

5. 25 hectares $=$ ______ acres


1 hectare equals 2.47105 acres.

25 hectares in acres $= 25 \times 2.47105$

$= 61.77625$ acres

Practice Problems of Hectare to Acre Conversion

Hectares to Acres Conversion - Definition, Examples, Facts, FAQs

Attend this quiz & Test you your knowledge.


Which one is the conversion factor of 1 hectare to acre?

1 acre $= 0.404686$ hectares
1 hectare $= 2.47105$ acres
1 acre $= 2.47105$ hectares
1 hectare $= 0.404686$ acres
Correct answer is: 1 hectare $= 2.47105$ acres
1 hectare is equal to 2.47105 acres.

50 hectares converted to acres is

100 acres
20.2353 acres
61.77625 acres
123.5525 acres
Correct answer is: 123.5525 acres
1 hectare equals 2.47105 acres
50 hectares $= 50\times2.47105 = 123.5525$ acres.

Hectare and acre are units of

Correct answer is: area
Hectares and acres are two commonly used standard units of the area of land.

If a land measures 25 acres, what will be its area in hectares?

25 hectares
12.3525 hectares
6.17625 hectares
40.4686 hectares
Correct answer is: 12.3525 hectares

A landowner has a plot of 75 hectares. What will be the land area in acres?

97.5725 acres
185.32925 acres
49.4213 acres
30.2505 acres
Correct answer is: 185.32925 acres
75 hectares $= 75 \times 2.47105$ acres $= 185.32925$ acres

Frequently Asked Questions about Hectare to Acre Conversion

No, the conversion factor of converting hectares to acres is not fixed, as there are slight variations according to the region or country or region where it is being done. The most popular conversion factor is 2.47105 acres, equal to one hectare.

A hectare has 10,000 square meters.

1 hectare is about 107,639 square feet.

1 acre = 43,560 square feet

You can convert acres to square feet by multiplying the number of acres by 43,560.