Subtraction With Regrouping - Definition with Examples

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Subtraction with Regrouping

Regrouping in subtraction is a process of exchanging one tens into ten ones. We use regrouping in subtraction when the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend.

Uses of subtraction with regrouping

Subtraction with regrouping is very useful in our daily life. Some examples are given below:

1. To measure distance

2. To deal with money

3. To measure time 

uses of subtraction with regrouping

Using subtraction with regrouping

We use subtraction with regrouping to work out different subtraction problems.

For example, Ray buys chocolates worth $47. He pays by giving a $50 bill. How much money will he get back? 

Ray pays $50, means 5 tens and 0 ones. He bought chocolates worth $47, means 4 tens and 7 ones. Here we can see the minuend (0) is smaller than the subtrahend (7). We can regroup them by borrowing 1 ten to make ten ones. 

uses of subtraction with regrouping e1

Ray has $3 left with him.

Example 2: 542 – 136

uses of subtraction with regrouping e2


Example 2: In a school, there are 785 students, and  468 of them are girls. Find the number of boys in the school?


Total number of students = 785

Number of girls in the school = 468

Number of boys in the school = 785 – 468 = 317

uses of subtraction with regrouping e4

Fun Facts

  • We can always check our answer by adding the subtrahend and the difference to get the minuend as addition is the inverse of subtraction.


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