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    12 Popular Kids’ Movies to Binge Watch This Holiday Season

    The holiday season is about to roll up very soon! That means no school night curfews and a lot of fun time! Your entire family can curl up on a couch with some hot chocolate to binge-watch the best kids’ movies all night long. 

    Movies are fun, entertaining, and the best way to have perfect family moments. But when you have kids under different age groups in your family, selecting age-appropriate kids’ movies is a bit of a tough task. 

    Therefore, to reduce one task from your holiday chores list, we have already shortlisted the best kids’ movies of all time. All these kids’ movies will educate, entertain and bring your entire family a bit closer during the holidays. 

    12 Best Kids’ Movies That Families Can Enjoy Together

    Generally, it is believed that movies can have negative effects on children. But that’s not true. Definitely, watching inappropriate movies can impact health and develop bad habits among kids. 

    However, if children watch movies that have a good moral lesson, it can develop their critical thinking skills. This is the main reason why visuals in SplashLearn educational games are developed with extra care. We make sure to design visuals that spike creativity and imagination among kids. 

    Here are some of the best kids’ movies that you can watch with your kid anytime! 

    1. Lilo and Stitch

    Age Group: 5+ 

    Educational Value: 1+

    This is not a typical Disney monster movie. Stitch is a small and powerful creature with sharp teeth and an angry attitude. He causes mayhem wherever he goes. Lilo and her sister Nani are orphans who encounter Stitch, and everyone learns important life lessons in the end. The movie has no villains or negative emotions, which is rare for a Disney movie.

    An image of the movie Lilo and Stitch

    Moral: The underlying message behind the movie is how we are all heroes and the most important thing is finding our inner strength.

    2. Finding Nemo

    Age Group: 5+ 

    Educational Value: 2+ 

    Finding Nemo is one of the best kids’ movies of all time that features sea creatures. When Nemo’s find begins, it will introduce your child to different sea creatures, scenes, and emotional moments like Marlin meets Dory or when Dory speaks to the Whale. 

    An image of the movie Finding Nemo

    Moral: It is a perfect family movie with a strong message of teamwork, loyalty, and a father’s never-ending love for his children. 

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    3. Frozen 

    Age Group: 5+ 

    Educational Value: 1+

    Frozen is an animated musical that celebrates sisterhood in a beautiful way. It is a story of two orphaned princesses who have to find their way to survive. It is a Disney movie so you will find monsters, wolves and a handsome prince in it. 

    An image of the movie Frozen

    Moral: The movie shows the unconditional bond between sisters and the importance of recognizing your inner self. 

    4. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

    Age Group: 6+ 

    Educational Value: 2+

    This Netflix movie follows the Mitchel family on a cross-country road trip to drop off their eldest daughter at her school. Meanwhile, they have to stay together to save the world from waylaid brought by uprising tech. 

    An image of the movie The Mitchells vs The Machines

    Moral: This movie helps your child understand that they should not depend on technology and value their family. 

    5. Christmas Chronicles

    Age Group: 7+ 

    Educational Value: 1+

    It is a perfect movie to start the festive season. If your kid likes elves and Christmas gifts, then they are going to love this movie. 

    An image of the movie Christmas Chronicles

    Moral: This is a heartwarming and Christmas-y movie with a happy ending. The movie also shows the importance of family unity and believing in yourself.

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    6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

    Age Group: 12+

    Educational Value: 4+

    In the whirlpool of animated kids’ movies, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a refreshing movie on Netflix. The movie tells a story of a high school boy who invented a wind turbine to power up a water pump to save the village’s ailing crops. 

    An image of the movie The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

    Moral: The movie is full of lessons, from self-learning to helping others. 

    7. Coco

    Age Group: 7+ 

    Educational Value: 1+

    Coco is a story of a young boy, Miguel, who goes to the Land of the Dead during Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and learns some hard truths about his ancestors. The movie has skeletons, ghosts, and phantoms. That might sound scary and sad, but the movie’s actually warm, colorful, and musical. 

    An image of the movie Coco

    Moral: Coco sends a strong message to strengthen family connections and stay connected to our roots. 

    8. Spirit Untamed

    Age Group: 7+ 

    Educational Value: 1+

    Spirit Untamed is a cute animated movie on Netflix. A young rebellious Lucky Prescott befriends a wild and equally rebellious mustang named Spirit. When a heartless wrangler plans to capture Spirit, Lucky embarks on an adventurous journey to rescue Spirit and his herd. 

    An image of the movie Spirit Untamed

    Moral: There are many heartwarming moments in the movie giving the message of being a true friend and showing courage to help others. 

    9. The Boss Baby 2 

    Age Group: 5+ 

    Educational Value: 1+

    The Boss Baby: Family Business is the second installment of the famous The Boss Baby movie that was released in 2017. This time a vicious professor attempts to destroy childhoods, and The Boss Baby is determined to put an end to his plans. 

    An image of the movie The Boss Baby Family Business

    Moral: The movie has a beautiful moral that just because siblings have grown up, it doesn’t mean they have to grow apart. 

    10. Trolls 

    Age Group: 5+ 

    Educational Value: 3+

    Trolls has a bit of a dark plot – the trolls are fighting with evil Bergen from eating them. But the bright colors and trolls bursting into songs will make your little person laugh throughout the movie. 

    An image of the movie Trolls

    Moral: The movie expresses a positive moral about how happiness is in everyone. All we have to do is find our inner happiness despite the hardships of life. 

    11. Shaun the Sheep: The Movie

    Age Group: 3+ 

    Educational Value: 2+

    This is a story of a farmer and a flock of sheep who get separated in a big city. This is a wordless movie packed with sly British humor that will make your preschoolers laugh. 

    An image of the movie Shaun the Sheep

    Moral: Shaun the Sheep: The Movie is a perfect movie that will help children better understand relationships and friendships. 

    12. Despicable Me

    Age Group: 3+ 

    Educational Value: 6+

    The story is of a criminal mastermind who adopts three orphan girls to use as pawns to carry out the biggest heist of his life. But his life takes an unexpected turn when little girls start to see him as their father. 

    An image of the movie Despicable Me

    Moral: Despicable Me is all about how good things can turn bad people’s mindsets. 

    Let’s Start Binge-Watching Now!

    You can make this holiday season fun, entertaining, and educational for your family. All you have to do is add the 12 timeless kids’ movies to your watchlist, and you can teach a new lesson to your kids every day. And the best thing about watching kids’ movies is that kids won’t even realize that they are learning life-altering lessons while having fun. 

    Learning can be fun; you simply need to adopt the right approach. Just like SplashLearn’s learning resources are bound to make education fun, engaging, and a whole lot more!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Where can I find good kids' movies?

    Thanks to online movie streaming platforms, you can find hundreds of good kids’ movies online. Some of the popular movie streaming platforms are Amazon Prime, Netflix, Vudu, Disney+ Hotstar, and many more. 

    What can I watch with my 5 years old? 

    There are several movies that you can watch with 5-year-old kids like The Little Mermaid, Spider-Man, Toy Story series, and more. 

    What is allowed PG 14?  

    PG 14 is the MPAA film rating that implies that the content is unsuitable for minors younger than 14 years. This rating shows the movie contains violence, sexual references, and bold language. 

    What is D rated? 

    D stands for suggestive dialogues containing sex talk, coarse or unfiltered language. 

    What is a TV-G rating? 

    TV-G is a generic rating that tells that a particular movie or show is appropriate for all audiences. 

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