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20 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2024

Your search for budget-friendly and creative Christmas decoration ideas is over! 

Christmas is the perfect time to hunt for cost-effective decorating ideas! Budgeted Christmas decorations are an excellent way to add style and get into the holiday spirit, even more so if you can keep your costs down while making your holidays more environmentally friendly.

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So here is a list of the budget-friendly Christmas decoration ideas you can use pretty quickly while beautifying your home! 

20 Budget-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas for Kids

1. Make A Unique Advent Calendar

Alternative advent calendar ideas are a great way to get a head start on budget-friendly decorations. Make a smaller version with little delights targeted to the recipient instead of buying pricey beauty or chocolate advent calendars.

Material Required: Tiny boxes or paper bags, Wire scarf hangers, Colored string, Small treats (toys, collectible figures, mini make-up, hair accessories)

How to do it: Put treats in tiny boxes and paper bags with numbers 1 to 24 written on them. Use a couple of wire scarf hangers on the wall to create a hanging display, then tie your packages on with colored string.

In gifts, tiny toys, collectible figures, and handicraft purchases will appeal to children, while teens will enjoy mini make-up and hair accessories.

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2. Make A Personalized Chandelier

Christmas Decoration

Elevate your Christmas home decoration with a bespoke indoor chandelier. Adorn a hula hoop with spray paint or string, attach various Christmas ornaments, and hang it to create a captivating centerpiece in your dining area or hallway.

Material Required: Plastic hula-hoop, Spray paint, tape, or string (for covering hoop), Christmas ornaments, Fishing wire or string (for hanging)

How to do it: Make a foundation out of an inexpensive plastic hula-hula hoop by spray painting it or by covering it with tape or string. Then, place a variety of colored Christmas ornaments at varying heights on top. Suspend from the ceiling with fishing wire or string.

3. Pom-Pom Wreath In Many Colors

With this colorful handicraft, you can add a little bit of fun and sophistication to your festive season.

Material Required: Foam wreath form, Pom-poms (various sizes and colors), Hot glue gun or fabric adhesive

How to do it: All you’d need to make perfect pom-pom wreaths are a foam wreath shape, pom-poms in a variety of sizes and colors, and a hot glue gun or fabric adhesive. To make it look more beautiful, choose colors similar to the colors on the wall.

4. Christmas Lanterns Made From Mason Jars

If you believe that your Christmas tree’s trimmed branches are useless, think again.

Material Required: Mason jars, Pine branches, Christmas ribbon, Seasonal objects (pine cones), Tea lights

How to do it: After you’ve finished sprucing up your Christmas tree, make these perfectly rustic masons jar Christmas lanterns out of leftover pine branches. Decorate the mason jar with Christmas ribbon and seasonal objects like pine cones, then place a tea light on top of the branches. While watching romantic Christmas movies, dim the lights and enjoy the illumination of your handcrafted lanterns.

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5. A Simple Up-Cycle To Brighten Up The Mantel

Create a Christmassy mantel display using a thrift store picture frame or an old shattered mirror.

Material Required: Thrift store picture frame or old mirror, Christmas baubles and ornaments, Colorful ribbon, Sticky tape

How to do it: First, remove and discard any old glass, mirror, or backing from a frame’s interior. Then fill the frame’s center with various favorite baubles and ornaments draped on lengths of colorful ribbon.

Stick the ribbon to the frame’s rear with sticky tape, and then fill the gap with hanging decorations at varying heights. To add to the festive vibe, place the frame on a shelf or mantel with little gifts and trinkets.

6. Village Of Paper Lanterns

The perfect centerpiece for your mantel or dining room table is this paper lantern village.

Material Required: Cardboard, Electric tea lights, Fake snow

How to do it: All you’ll need is some cardboard and tea lights for this. Place an electric tea light behind each house made of white cardboard to create a warm and cheery glow. Sprinkle some fake snow on top for a little extra oomph. It’s just as cheerful as these holiday sayings.

7. Make Paper Baubles In A Variety Of Colors

Make a striking show without breaking the bank. Folding fans in a row, when watched from the ceiling, looks eye-catching and is an easy solution to fill empty wall space above a sofa or sideboard.

Material Required: Colored paper, Rope or fine ribbon

How to do it: Choose a different blend of colors for a distinctive look, or stick to an all-white paper deck for simplicity. Use colored rope or fine ribbon, and position them at different heights for visual interest. 

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8. Christmas Figurines Made Of Wood

Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa are everything that you can ask for in a budget-friendly Christmas decor.

Material Required: Large pieces of wood, Acrylic paint

How to do it: To bring characters from your favorite Christmas movies to life, all you’ll need are some big pieces of wood and acrylic paint. If you want to create some contouring, shave the wood pieces a little.

9. Hang Christmas Cards With Spare Ribbons

Create a hanging display to show your favorite Christmas cards if you don’t have enough shelf space.

Material Required: Ribbon remnants, Small tacks, Little pegs, Tiny ornaments or bells

How to do it: Ribbon remnants from previous Christmases are great. Use a variety of ribbons in a range of colors and thicknesses, trimmed in a variety of lengths. Then, use small tacks to secure each length to a wall or picture rail. As a finishing flourish, secure cards with little pegs and add a tiny ornament or bell to the end of each length of ribbon.

10. Merry Christmas Banner

A cheerful banner is an ideal way to welcome guests to your holiday gathering.

Material Required: Burlap or durable cloth, Felt letters, String

How to do it: To spell out “Merry Christmas” on a cutesy banner, cut pieces of burlap or another type of durable cloth into triangles and hot-glue felt letters. After the flags have dried, attach them to sections of string and hang the banner. Use the official Christmas colors of red and green to make it even more festive.

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11. Hand-Made Tags To Dress Up Gifts

By raiding your Christmas decorations box, you may give your gifts a high-end appeal.

Material Required: Mini baubles, imitation leaf scraps, broken-off berries, Brown paper or colored wrap, Raffia or colored ribbon

How to do it: Mini baubles, imitation leaf scraps, and broken-off berries make excellent gift toppers. Wrap your gifts in plain brown paper or colored wrap for a professional appearance, then knot with lengths of raffia or colored ribbon and add your decorative tag for a fashionable, personalized touch.

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12. Create An Eye-Catching Table Centerpiece

Elevate your Christmas indoor decorations with a stunning table centerpiece that stands out. Combine over the top Christmas decorations like glittering baubles, candles, and festive greenery on a tiered stand for a luxurious and eye-catching display.

Material Required: Old cake stands, Ornaments and dried fruit

How to do it: To add height and drama to the table, repurpose old cake stands and stack them on the table. Dress the stand with leftover ornaments and dried fruit for a decorative touch. Your room will now be filled with a Christmas aroma.

13. Christmas Frame With A Rustic Feel

This simple yet stylish rustic Christmas frame will appear like a window into your own personal winter wonderland! 

Material Required: Large wooden picture frame, Pine branches, bows, ornaments

How to do it: All you need is a large wooden picture frame, pine branches, bows, ornaments, and whatever other baubles you wish to use. Just make sure the wintry pieces are secured with hot glue. 

14. Hall Mirror Makeover

Christmas cards from friends and family are your best friends when it comes to decorating on a budget.

Material Required: Christmas cards, Fairy lights

How to do it: Fill your typical hallway mirror with cards to turn it into a festive centerpiece. This works excellently with window mirrors. Add some glitter to the mirror by hanging a few fairy lights over it.

15. Terrarium For Christmas

Are you a fan of succulents? Then, this is the Christmas craft you’ve been looking for.

Material Required: Glass orb, Sand, stone, and/or dirt, Succulent, Deer figure and holly berries

How to do it: To make the base of your terrarium, fill a glass orb with sand, stone, and/or dirt. To give this sustainable décor a Christmas touch, start with your favorite succulent, and then add a little deer figure and holly berries.

16. Handmade Crackers To Decorate The Table

Reducing waste has become a need of the hour. Additionally, handcrafted place sets make guests feel even more welcome.

Material Required: Cardboard roll, Crepe paper or fabric scraps, Ribbon

How to do it: Put a treat inside a cardboard roll, wrap it in crepe paper or fabric scraps, and tie the ends with a ribbon.

17. Snowmen Made Of Glue

What would Christmas be like if the Snowmen weren’t there?

Material Required: Twine, Small balloons, Glue, Materials for snowmen accessories (hats, scarves, eyes, noses)

How to do it: Wrap glue-soaked twine over small balloons to construct the shape of the cheery snowman. Pop the balloons and clothe the snowmen after the adhesive has dried. Make little hats, scarves, eyes, and carrot noses for your new creations by crocheting miniature hats, scarves, eyes, and carrot noses. 

18. Gather Pine Cones From Different Seasons

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and this casual presentation is both simple and attractive.

Material Required: Candles, Pinecones, Color-coordinated trinkets or decorations

How to do it: Take your favorite candles, a handful of pinecones, and one or two color-coordinated trinkets or decorations to complete the look. For a comfortable and beautiful holiday aesthetic, place it on a mantelpiece in your living room or a console table in your hall.

Start Decorating Now!

We hope you have already chosen your favorite DIY Christmas decor from the above list. Enjoy making it with your family and create some special memories. 

From all of us at SplashLearn, wishing you and your family a merry & decorative Christmas!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the best Christmas decoration ideas for a small space?

To maximize space, focus on vertical decorations like wall hangings or door wreaths. Utilize tabletops with miniature Christmas trees or small, themed ornament displays that align with your chosen Christmas themes.

How can I choose a Christmas theme for my home?

Select a Christmas theme based on your personal style or existing decor. Consider classic themes like Winter Wonderland or Rustic Christmas, or opt for something unique like a vintage or color-specific theme. Ensure your Christmas decoration ideas complement the chosen theme for a cohesive look.

What are some budget-friendly Christmas decor ideas for outdoor spaces?

For an affordable outdoor display, use string lights to create a warm ambiance. Incorporate natural elements like pinecones and evergreen branches. Homemade wreaths and repurposed items can also add charm without exceeding your budget.

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