Addend – Definition with Examples

What is an Addend? 

In math, an addend can be defined as the numbers or terms added together to form the sum. 

Here, the numbers 7 and 8 are addends.

Two Addends Added to find Sum Example

Here’s another example, in which the numbers 7, 4 and 9 are addends, and 20 is the sum.

Three Addends Added to find Sum Example
Fun Facts
– The opposite sides of a die always add up to seven. Go ahead, roll, and check!

let's sing Let’s sing!

Little Bella had money she could spend, 
Number of coins and notes, she penned, 
She then put them together as addends,
To find the total money she had, in the end!

let's do it Let’s do it!

Ask your children to identify the addends in the various equations you use in your daily life, for instance, when finding the total number of items bought, or when computing the bill at the grocery or bakery store.