Number Names – Definition with Examples

What is a Number Name?

Just like everything in the world, numbers too have a number name.
In math, numbers have names in words. 

Here’s a list of numbers from 1 to 20, picture of its corresponding quantity and its number name.

 Numbers Pictures Number Name
 1 one One
 2 two Two
 3 three Three
 4 four Four
 5 five Five
 6 six Six
 7 seven Seven
 8 eight Eight
 9 nine Nine
 10 ten Ten
 11 eleven Eleven
 12 twelve Twelve
 13  thirteen Thirteen
 14 fourteen Fourteen
 15 fifteen Fifteen
 16 sixteen Sixteen
 17 seventeen Seventeen
 18 eighteen Eighteen
 19 nineteen Nineteen
 20 twenty Twenty
Fun Fact
– When writing numbers between 21 and 99, we use a hyphen (-) in between.

let's sing Let’s sing!

One for 1 plane flying  in the sky.
Two for 2  little birds that fly by.
Three for 3 tiny seashells in the sand.
Four for 4 sticks I hold in my hand.
Five for 5 petals of the flower I see.
Six for 6 bees as busy as can be.
Seven for 7 colors in the rainbow. 
Eight for 8 snails crawling so slow.  
Nine for 9 squirrels climbing up the tree.
Ten for 10  little puppies on a running spree.

let's do it Let’s do it!

Ask your children to observe numbers in things around them. Ask them to spell out the numbers. In case of large numbers you can break the number into two digits by choosing the first two digits.