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Mastering Addition and Subtraction Work Problems - Lesson Plan

Join our Word Problem Wizards on a magical math adventure as they guide students through mastering addition and subtraction word problems. This interactive lesson includes tasks such as identifying the correct operation, choosing the right model, writing equations, and solving real-life scenarios. The lesson plan provides step-by-step guidance for teachers and includes an exit slip to assess students' understanding. Let's dive into the world of word problems and become true math wizards!

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The key tasks in this lesson include identifying addition or subtraction word problems, choosing the correct model, writing equations, solving real-life scenarios, and assessing understanding through an exit slip.

This lesson engages students through interactive activities that involve problem-solving, critical thinking, and real-life scenarios. Students will actively participate in identifying operations, choosing models, writing equations, and solving word problems.

Yes! The 'Going Beyond' section provides additional practice and challenges for students who need more reinforcement or want to further enhance their skills. It includes extra practice problems and more complex scenarios to extend learning.


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