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Number-Counting Journey up to 20 - Lesson Plan

In this interactive math lesson, students will embark on exciting counting adventures as they explore numbers up to 20. Through engaging tasks and activities, students will develop their counting skills and gain a solid understanding of numbers within this range. The lesson is divided into three tasks: Number-Eyed Monsters, Counting Jellies, and Counting Jellies in 10-Frames. Each task focuses on a specific aspect of counting and number recognition, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. The lesson also includes an exit slip for assessment purposes and an optional section for additional practice.

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The purpose of the Number-Eyed Monsters task is to help students practice recalling the counting sequence up to 20 and identify missing numbers in the sequence.

The Counting Jellies task reinforces the concept of counting by allowing students to count objects in rectangular arrangements up to 20. Students are encouraged to count in different ways, emphasizing that the total number of objects remains the same regardless of the order in which they are counted.

The objective of the Counting Jellies in 10-Frames task is to introduce students to the arrangement of objects in 10-frames and help them count efficiently using this method. Students also learn about the relationship between teen numbers and 10.


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