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Decimal Dynamics: Addition & Subtraction Fun - Lesson Plan

Join us on a decimal adventure as we explore the world of addition and subtraction. From understanding place value to regrouping, this interactive lesson will equip students with the skills they need to confidently solve decimal problems. With a variety of tasks and challenges, students will gain a deep understanding of adding and subtracting decimals. Let's dive in and unlock the power of decimal numbers!

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This lesson covers addition and subtraction of decimals, including both regrouping and non-regrouping scenarios. Students will learn how to align decimal numbers correctly, use place value models, and apply column methods for accurate calculations.

Students may struggle with aligning decimal points correctly when adding or subtracting decimals. They may also find regrouping challenging, especially when carrying over digits or reducing from borrower digits. It's important to reinforce the importance of aligning decimal points and following proper regrouping procedures.

To assess your students' understanding, you can use an exit slip that includes questions related to addition and subtraction of decimals. This will allow you to gauge their comprehension and identify any areas that may require further reinforcement.


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