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Deep Dive into Addition Strategies - Lesson Plan

In this interactive math lesson, students will learn how to fluently add numbers within 1,000 using the compensation strategy. The lesson is divided into various tasks that gradually build upon each other, allowing students to practice and reinforce their addition skills. From warm-up exercises to challenging problems, students will gain a deep understanding of addition within the context of larger numbers.

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he compensation strategy involves simplifying and changing addends into friendly numbers before adding. It helps make addition within 1,000 easier and faster. Students learn to change one addend to a multiple of 100 by adding or subtracting ones or tens

his lesson provides students with opportunities to practice fluently adding numbers within 1,000. By using the compensation strategy and gradually increasing the complexity of the problems, students develop a deeper understanding of addition and gain confidence in their ability to solve larger number problems

es! The optional sections called Going Beyond include Let's Practice More and Take a Challenge. These sections provide additional practice problems and challenging tasks for students who want to further enhance their addition skills


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