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Developing Number Sense - Lesson Plan

Objective: Deepen students' understanding of number sense by using 10-frames, enabling them to recognize patterns, compare quantities, and represent numbers efficiently.

Key Concepts:

  • Pattern Recognition: Learning to see recurring arrangements in 10-frames without counting each time.
  • Comparing Quantities: Using 10-frames as a visual aid to determine which number is larger or smaller.
  • Number Representation: Showcasing numbers using 10-frames without the necessity of counting each dot.

Core Competencies Developed:

  • Composing Numbers: Building a number by combining two smaller quantities.
  • Decomposing Numbers: Breaking a number into two smaller components.
  • Addition and Subtraction: Using 10-frames as a tool to simplify and visualize addition and subtraction operations.

Teaching Approach:

  1. Introduction to 10-Frames: Familiarizing students with this visual representation.
  2. Engaging Activities: Interactive exercises focusing on pattern recognition, quantity comparison, and number representation.
  3. Mathematical Operations: Hands-on exercises for composing, decomposing, addition, and subtraction using 10-frames.

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A 10-frame is a rectangular visual tool that consists of ten equal spaces arranged in two rows of five. It helps students develop number sense by visually representing numbers and patterns.

This lesson helps students develop number sense by providing opportunities to recognize patterns in the arrangement of objects in a 10-frame. It enhances their ability to subitize, or instantly recognize the quantity without counting.

Developing number sense is important because it lays the foundation for understanding more complex mathematical concepts. It helps students build fluency in mental math, estimation skills, and problem-solving abilities.


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