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Mastering Money Concepts - Lesson Plan

Join us on a journey into the world of money with 'More About Money' lesson plan. Students will explore coins and bills, learning to identify their values, compare them, and count money. Through engaging activities, they will develop essential skills in recognizing different denominations and understanding their worth. The lesson is divided into four tasks: Warm Up, Let's Compare the Coins, Let's Compare the Bills, and Is the Money Enough? Each task focuses on specific concepts related to money. The class also includes a Let's Rewind section for review, an Exit Slip for assessment, and a Speak Up section for students to reflect on their learning. Optional sections called Going Beyond offer additional practice and challenges for students who want to further enhance their money skills.

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'More About Money' aims to teach students how to identify coins and bills, compare their values, and count money accurately. By the end of this lesson plan, students should be able to recognize different denominations of coins and bills, arrange them in increasing or decreasing order of value, compare amounts given as sets of coins or bills, and determine if a given amount is enough to make a purchase.

'More About Money' engages students through interactive activities that involve hands-on exploration of coins and bills. Students will participate in tasks such as comparing and ordering coins and bills, counting money, and solving real-life money problems. The lesson plan also includes opportunities for reflection and discussion, allowing students to share their understanding and experiences with money.

For students who want to go beyond the core lesson, 'More About Money' offers optional sections called Going Beyond. These sections include Let's Practice More, which provides additional problems for practice, and Take a Challenge, which offers more challenging problems that require extended thinking. These resources allow students to deepen their understanding of money concepts and further develop their skills.


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