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The Magic of Composing and Decomposing Numbers - Lesson Plan

In this engaging math adventure, students will master the skill of composing and decomposing numbers through fun and interactive activities. They will roll dice, complete number bonds, and use their understanding to find hidden objects. The lesson ends with an exit slip to assess students' comprehension.

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The purpose of this lesson is to help students develop a strong understanding of composing and decomposing numbers. By engaging in hands-on activities, they will learn how numbers can be broken down into smaller parts or combined to form larger quantities.

Task 1: Roll the Dice allows students to practice counting and adding dots on dice, which helps them develop a visual understanding of how numbers can be composed by combining smaller quantities. It also reinforces their ability to decompose numbers by recognizing the individual dots on each die.

In Task 3: Hidden Birds, students use their understanding of addition and subtraction to determine the missing number of hidden birds. This task helps them develop problem-solving skills and strengthens their ability to apply number relationships in real-life scenarios.


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