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Fraction Multiplication Dive - Lesson Plan

Join us on a mathematical journey as we explore the world of fraction multiplication. This lesson plan focuses on key terms and strategies such as numerators, denominators, unit fractions, non-unit fractions, and area models. Through engaging tasks and activities, students will learn to multiply unit fractions using visual models, multiply unit fractions without models, multiply unit fractions by non-unit fractions, multiply two non-unit fractions, and ultimately multiply any two fractions. By the end of this lesson plan, students will have a solid understanding of fraction multiplication and be able to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

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A unit fraction is a fraction where the numerator is always 1. For example, 1/2 or 1/3 are both unit fractions.

To multiply two unit fractions together, simply multiply the numerators together and then multiply the denominators together. The resulting product is your answer.

In the area model for multiplying non-unit fractions, there is a 'crossover' part where one numerator multiplies with another denominator and vice versa. This represents the idea of multiplying the fractions together and is an important concept to understand in fraction multiplication.


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