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Math Lesson Plan — Mastering Add & Subtract

Join us on a hands-on math adventure as we explore the exciting world of addition and subtraction. Through fun activities and engaging tasks, students will develop a solid understanding of these fundamental math concepts. From finding one more or one less to using fingers for addition and subtraction, this lesson plan offers a comprehensive approach to mastering essential math skills. With an exit slip for assessment and optional additional practice problems, students will have ample opportunities to reinforce their learning. Get ready to add and subtract like never before!

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Task 1: Hungry Snagoo aims to help students understand the concept of finding one more or one less than a given number. By using visuals or without them, students will learn that the next number in a sequence is always one more than the previous number, while one less is the previous number in the sequence.

In Task 2: Use Fingers to Add, students will discover how to add numbers using their fingers as a visual aid. This hands-on approach helps them develop a concrete understanding of addition by physically manipulating their fingers to represent numbers and combining them accordingly.

Task 3: Use Fingers to Subtract focuses on teaching students how to subtract numbers using their fingers as a visual tool. By physically removing fingers to represent the subtraction process, students gain a tangible understanding of subtraction and develop fluency in this essential math skill.


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