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Multiply by Powers of 10 Magic - Lesson Plan

In this interactive math lesson, students will dive into the world of multiplying by powers of 10. They will revisit the concept of powers and exponents, explore how to multiply decimals by powers of 10, and learn how to divide decimals by powers of 10. The lesson includes clear explanations, examples, visual models, and opportunities for student engagement and assessment.

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Powers of 10 represent repeated multiplication of the number 10. They are expressed using exponents, which indicate how many times to multiply the base number (in this case, 10) by itself.

Multiplying by powers of 10 allows us to quickly express large numbers in a more efficient way. It helps us understand place value and makes calculations involving decimal numbers easier.

Dividing decimals by powers of 10 is essentially the reverse process of multiplying. The decimal point moves to the left as we divide because we are dividing by larger units (multiples) of ten.


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