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Comparing and Ordering Numbers Like a Pro - Lesson Plan

Join us on a mathematical adventure as we explore the concept of comparing and ordering numbers. Through engaging tasks, students will learn different methods and strategies to compare numbers visually, using place value, and order them in ascending and descending order. The lesson also includes opportunities for reflection, practice, and challenges.

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This lesson focuses on developing students' skills in comparing numbers using visual models, place value method, ordering numbers in ascending and descending order, and creating the smallest/greatest number with given digits.

Task 1 introduces students to comparing numbers using visual models. By understanding that ones < tens < hundreds, students can visually see the relationship between different digits and develop a foundation for further comparison tasks.

The optional sections provide additional practice problems and challenges for students who want to further enhance their skills in comparing and ordering numbers. These sections offer opportunities for extension and differentiation based on individual student needs.


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