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Multiplication Facts of the Number 8 - Lesson Plan

Join us on a fun-filled learning journey as we explore the fascinating facts of eight through engaging activities and strategies. From warm-up exercises to identifying correct facts, students will develop a deep understanding of multiplication using properties like commutative and distributive. With a variety of tasks and an exit slip for assessment, this interactive lesson is designed to enhance mathematical skills and foster critical thinking.

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The warm-up in this lesson serves as a review of previously learned concepts such as the commutative property and distributive property.

Students use the distributive property by breaking down the number multiplied by eight into two parts: five plus a number. They then write 40 for 8 x 5 and add to it the remaining fact.

Yes, students are encouraged to use any method or property they have learned, such as commutative property, distributive property, doubles, skip counting by finger model, or known facts.


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