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Exploring Positional Words - Lesson Plan

Join us on an exciting journey to explore positional words! In this interactive lesson, students will discover the meaning of positional words such as 'above, below, behind, in front of, next to' by engaging in hands-on activities. Through tasks like 'Where Did I Put My Toys?', 'The Photo Album', and 'Identify the Position', students will develop a solid understanding of how to describe the position of objects using these important vocabulary words. The lesson plan includes an exit slip for assessment and an optional section for additional practice.

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Positional words are vocabulary words that describe the position or location of objects in relation to other objects. They help us understand where something is located or how it is positioned.

Teaching positional words using real-life examples is a great way to make the concept more relatable and engaging for students. You can use everyday objects or classroom materials to demonstrate different positions and ask students to describe them using the appropriate positional word.

The exit slip serves as a quick assessment tool to gauge students' understanding of positional words. It allows the teacher to identify any misconceptions or areas where students may need additional support.


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