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Math Lesson Plan — Subtraction 'Take from 10' Adventure

Join us on a mathematical journey as we explore the 'take from 10' strategy for subtracting a one-digit number from a teen number. Through engaging activities and guided practice, students will develop a solid understanding of this subtraction strategy and gain confidence in their math skills. Get ready for a subtraction sensation!

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The 'take from 10' strategy is a subtraction method that involves breaking down a teen number into its tens and ones, subtracting the ones digit from ten, and then combining the remaining tens with any leftover ones to find the difference.

The 'take from 10' strategy provides students with a visual and conceptual approach to subtraction. By breaking down numbers into their place value components, students can more easily understand and solve subtraction problems involving teen numbers.

While the 'take from 10' strategy is specifically designed for subtracting one-digit numbers from teen numbers, it can also be applied to other subtraction problems. The key is to break down larger numbers into their place value components and use the strategy accordingly.


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