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Mastering the "Take from 10" Subtraction Strategy - Lesson Plan

In this interactive math lesson, students will explore the 'Take from 10' strategy for subtraction. Through engaging tasks and visual aids, they will learn how to subtract a single-digit number from a two-digit number within 20. The lesson includes warm-up exercises, guided practice, independent practice, and problem-solving activities.

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The 'Take from 10' strategy is a visual approach to subtraction where students break down the minuend into tens and ones, subtract the subtrahend from ten, and then add back any remaining ones.

The 'Take from 10' strategy helps students visualize subtraction by breaking down numbers into tens and ones. It allows them to mentally manipulate numbers and make subtraction easier.

While the focus of this lesson is on subtracting single-digit numbers from two-digit numbers within 20, the 'Take from 10' strategy can be extended to larger numbers as well. It provides a foundation for understanding subtraction with regrouping.


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