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11 Best Multiplication Apps for Kids

Multiplication can be tough for kids because it demands quick recall of facts and understanding of number patterns. The traditional method of rote memorization often leads to frustration and disengagement. This is where well-designeds multiplication apps for kids can make a difference. These apps combine fun games, adaptive challenges, and clear feedback to motivate children.

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In this blog, we’ll explore the 11 best multiplication apps to help your child master this essential math skill.

1. SplashLearn

App store page of SplashLearn

Who is it for: Grades PreK through 5

SplashLearn is one of the best multiplication apps for kids, offering a well-rounded approach to multiplication through interactive games, printable worksheets, and game-based live classes.

What are the key multiplication topics covered on SplashLearn?

Each topic is designed to help children grasp key concepts while having fun. The adaptive learning system adjusts the difficulty level, ensuring kids practice at a comfortable yet challenging pace while worksheets reinforce these skills. Detailed progress tracking provides valuable insights to parents and teachers. With SplashLearn’s engaging learning environment, kids can confidently build their multiplication knowledge step by step, helping them master this critical math skill.

Available on: Android and iOS

2. Math Bingo

App store page of Math Bingo

Who is it for: Grades K-4

Math Bingo uses a bingo-style game format, making it one of the more fun apps for learning multiplication. Children enjoy playing bingo while solving multiplication problems to fill their cards. The app integrates game elements that reward quick thinking and accurate answers, reinforcing multiplication skills through repetition and positive feedback. This setup not only entertains but also boosts children’s confidence in their multiplication abilities, making it suitable for young learners who thrive on interactive and competitive learning environments.

Available on: Android and iOS

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3. Tower Math

App store page of Tower Math

Who is it for: Grades 2-6

Tower Math utilizes tower-defense style gameplay to teach multiplication. As players defend their towers by solving multiplication questions, they practice their multiplication skills and develop strategic thinking. This app makes learning multiplication a dynamic and immersive experience. The emphasis on strategy and problem-solving encourages learners to understand multiplication deeply, not just memorize facts, fostering a more comprehensive grasp of the subject.

Available on: Android and iOS

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4. Squeebles Maths Race

App store page of Squeebles Maths Race

Who is it for: Grades 1-5

Squeebles Maths Race brings a competitive edge to multiplication learning, making it one of the best multiplication apps for kids who enjoy a fast-paced challenge. Children race against each other or the computer, answering multiplication questions to see who reaches the finish line first. This format keeps kids engaged and motivated to practice multiplication while enhancing their speed and accuracy in problem-solving. With adjustable difficulty levels, this app is suitable for varying abilities, ensuring a personalized and productive learning experience.

Available on: iOS

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5. Tic Tac Math

App store page of Tic Tac Math

Who is it for: Grades K-4

Tic Tac Math is the app for multiplication tables learning. It combines the familiar tic-tac-toe game with multiplication practice, offering a playful approach to math learning. Children need to solve multiplication problems correctly to place their marks, helping them practice their times tables as they play. This engaging mix of strategy and problem-solving encourages repetition, reinforcing multiplication facts through consistent and enjoyable practice. It stands out among apps for learning multiplication because of its simplicity, helping even the youngest learners start building their multiplication skills early.

Available on: iOS

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6. Prodigy Math

App store page of Prodigy Math

Who is it for: Grades 1-8

Prodigy Math’s RPG-inspired gameplay transforms multiplication practice into a grand adventure. Children create avatars, explore virtual worlds, and battle monsters using their multiplication skills. Its adaptive algorithm ensures questions match each child’s learning level, gradually increasing in difficulty as their understanding improves. This method encourages steady progress while keeping learners engaged and challenged. 

Available on: Android and iOS

7. Montessori Maths Multiplication

App store page of Montessori Maths Multiplication

Who is it for: Grades 1-4

Montessori Maths Multiplication employs a Montessori-inspired methodology to teach multiplication concepts by encouraging children to explore and understand the principles behind multiplication. This app uses tactile, visual aids and interactive activities that align with the Montessori approach, guiding kids through the learning process with clear, practical examples. It emphasizes understanding rather than memorization, making it an ideal choice among apps for learning multiplication that helps build a strong foundational knowledge.

Available on: iOS

8. Math Slide

App store page of Math Slide

Who is it for: Grades K-5

Math Slide leverages multiplayer functionality to make practicing multiplication facts both collaborative and competitive. Up to four children can play together on one device, racing to match the correct multiplication answers. This dynamic format engages learners and builds their confidence as they improve their speed and accuracy through repeated practice. Its unique combination of competition and cooperation makes it one of the best multiplication apps for reinforcing skills.

Available on: iOS

9. MathTango

App store page of MathTango

Who is it for: Grades 1-5

MathTango immerses children in a creative, world-building adventure where they solve multiplication problems to advance. With puzzles and quests, this app engages kids in an imaginative setting that combines multiplication practice with exploration. Its interactive format allows children to experiment and solve problems in ways that keep them motivated and eager to learn. By providing a captivating environment, MathTango makes multiplication an exciting journey.

Available on: iOS

10. Math Ninja

App store page of Math Ninja

Who is it for: Grades 1-4

Math Ninja blends action and adventure with multiplication learning in a ninja-themed world. Kids practice their multiplication skills to fend off enemies, unlocking new levels and tools as they progress. By combining fast-paced gameplay with multiplication drills, it motivates learners to stay focused while having fun. This approach builds both confidence and competence, helping kids improve their multiplication skills with every challenge.

Available on: Android and iOS

11. Monster Math

App store page of Monster Math

Who is it for: Grades 1-5

Monster Math stands out as one of the best multiplication apps for 4th graders, thanks to its unique, story-driven approach.. The adventures of Maxx, the monster, introduce children to multiplication through interactive storylines that make mathematical concepts relatable and engaging. Customizable math challenges allow parents and teachers to align the app’s content with each child’s learning needs, ensuring that concepts like multiplication are not only understood but also applied in various contexts. 

Available on: Android and iOS

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The best multiplication apps provide children focused practice on multiplication strategies, times tables, and multi-digit problems. This structured approach helps children overcome specific challenges in multiplication, fostering a deeper understanding that will benefit their overall math performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best free app for learning multiplication tables?

A highly recommended free app for learning multiplication tables is SplashLearn, which provides interactive games and exercises to help kids practice and master their times tables in a fun way. You can play two games every day for free.

At what age should a child learn multiplication?

Children typically start learning multiplication around ages 7-9, or in grades 2-3, once they have a solid foundation in addition and subtraction.

What are some multiplication apps for Android?

Multiplication apps like SplashLearn, Monster Math, and MathTango are available for Android, providing interactive games and challenges to help kids master multiplication.

What are some good multiplication apps for iPhone?

SplashLearn, Tic Tac Math, and Squeebles Maths Race are excellent multiplication apps for iPhone that offer practice exercises and adaptive learning.

Which are the best multiplication apps for 3rd graders?

For 3rd graders, SplashLearn, Tower Math, and Montessori Maths Multiplication provide engaging content that caters to their learning level while reinforcing core multiplication concepts.

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