Vertical in Maths – Definition with Examples

What is Vertical?

In geometry and its applications, one of the skills that we prefer our kids to learn by instinct or cultivate within themselves is called the line of sight. Line of Sight refers to our ability to be an observer and look at things from our point of view. Depending on the context, we change our perspective to view things in different alignments or rotations. The most elementary perspectives or alignments we view objects with are horizontal and vertical. 

Vertical alignment is when we view things from top to bottom. It is referred to as the alignment when things are standing.

vertical alignment

Horizontal alignment is when we view things from left to right. It is referred to as the alignment when things are in the sleeping position.

horizontal alignment

Vertical Movements

In our day-to-day life, there are various things we notice in vertical alignment like a standing building or a powerhouse, etc. The word vertical can also be used to describe the motion of objects. Since we know, vertical stands for top to bottom, the motion of an apple falling from a tree, would be vertical motion.

Fallen apple as vertical line

Or the motion of a rocket or a balloon going from bottom to top is also classified as vertical.

Rocket as Vertical Line

Vertical in Math

In mathematics, vertical and horizontal alignment are represented by vertical and horizontal lines. A vertical line is the one that we draw from top to bottom. 

On the coordinate plane, the y-axis is referred to as the vertical axis and all the vertical lines are parallel to this axis.

Vertical in Math

Drawing a Vertical line

Using a Ruler:
To draw a vertical line using a ruler, keep the ruler in a standing position, perpendicular to the edge of the page and draw the line from bottom to top or top to bottom.

vertical line using a ruler

To draw a vertical line on a coordinate plane

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Plot any point on the coordinate plane, for example (4,3)

Vertical line on coordinate plane

Step 2: Identify the x-coordinate of the point marked. Here, it is 4.

Step 3: Plot another point on the coordinate plane with the same x -coordinate. For example (4, -2).

coordinate plane

Step 4: Join the two points plotted using a ruler to get a vertical line.

Ruler to get a vertical line

Uses of Vertical Lines

Vertically Line is used in symmetry and photography.

A vertical line of symmetry runs across the image from top to bottom or bottom to top and divides the image into identical halves.

vertical line of symmetry


vertical line of symmetry 2

Cameras are designed to take photographs in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode. In horizontal mode, photographs are wider than they are tall. In vertical mode, photographs are taller than they are wide. 

Vertical and Horizontal

Vertical and Horizontal

Solved Examples

Example 1: Which line segments represent vertical lines?

Vertical lines in square


Lines AB and CD are vertical lines.

Example 2: Does the given letter of the alphabet have a vertical line of symmetry or not?

Letter A

Solution: Yes.

Vertical line in letter A

Example 3: Can you find any number between 0 to 9 that has a vertical line of symmetry?


0 and 8 have vertical symmetry.

Example 4: How many vertical lines are there in a given figure?

vertical lines in house


There are 10 vertical lines in the given figure.

Practice Problems


Attend this Quiz & Test your knowledge.


Which of the following objects is not vertically placed?

A book lying on the table.
A door in the room.
A cupboard in the study room.
A glass filled with water.
Correct answer is: A book lying on the table.
A book is in a lying position. So, it is horizontally placed.

Which of the following letters has a vertical line of symmetry?

Correct answer is: H
Letter H has a vertical line of symmetry.

Which of the following has vertical movement?

Moving Train
Elevator in building
Escalator in mall
Conveyor belt at airport
Correct answer is: Elevator in building
Elevator in the building has top to bottom or bottom to up movement. Moving train and conveyor belt move horizontally and Escalators move on an inclined plane.

All vertical lines are parallel to _______________.

the x-axis
the y-axis
the z-axis
All horizontal lines
Correct answer is: the y-axis
On the coordinate plane, the y-axis is referred to as the vertical axis and all the vertical lines are parallel to this axis.

Frequently Asked Question

A vertical line is perpendicular to the x-axis in the coordinate plane.

It means that the object is in a standing position.

Horizontal is an alignment that goes left to right or right to left.

Scrolling top to bottom on a computer or throwing a ball upwards are examples of vertical motion.