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What is Right-Angle?

In geometry, when two rays meet each at a common point, they form an angle. The point of meeting of two rays is known as the vertex.

Angles are measured in degrees (symbol: ˚)


Some common types of angles are acute angles, right angles, and obtuse angles.

types of angles

Right angle

When two straight lines intersect each other at 90˚ or are perpendicular to each other at the intersection, they form the right angle. A right angle is represented by the symbol ∟.

right angle

The given image shows various formations of the right angle.

formations of the right angle

We can find the right angles in shapes.

A square or rectangle has four corners with right angles.  

right angle in shapes

Examples of right angles are all around us. We can see right angles in the corners of a room, book, cube, windows and at several other places.

right angles around us

A vertical and a horizontal line make most common right angles. However, diagonal lines intersecting each other also form right angles. If you draw the diagonals of a square, a rhombus or a kite, the angle at the intersection is 90 degrees and is, therefore, a right angle.

diagonal intersection at right angle

Example of a rhombus and a kite with diagonals intersecting at a right angle. 

How to draw a right angle using a protractor?

1. Start by drawing a horizontal line.

horizontal line

2. Now place the protractor on the horizontal line.

protractor on horizontal line

3. Measure 90˚ and mark it with a point.

measure on protractor

4. Now using a scale, draw a straight line from this point to the horizontal line.

draw straight line on the horizontal line
Fun Facts 
1. All right angles are the same.
2. All right angles correspond to quarter of a complete turn. 
3. All triangles with one angle right are called right-angled triangles.

Right Angle – Definition with Examples


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Right Angle – Definition with Examples


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Right Angle – Definition with Examples

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