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15 Best End of School Year Activities for Kids of All Grade

As the school year ends, it’s a wonderful time to celebrate all the hard work and fun times with some special end of school year activities for kids. These activities are not just fun; they’re a way to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. 

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Having fun with classmates before the holiday can make everyone feel happy and connected. It’s a chance for kids to enjoy being with their friends in a relaxed setting, sharing laughs, and making memories. This blog will explore 15 fantastic ways to make the last day of school unforgettable. Let’s dive in!

1. Yearbook Signing Party

Teacher signing a book

A Yearbook Signing Party is one of the most awaited end of school year activities for kids. Students get to pen down heartfelt messages and wishes for their peers, creating a keepsake full of memories. It’s a sentimental way to conclude the school year, making sure every student leaves with personalized mementos from friends and teachers.

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2. Field Day

Kids on the field playing

Field Day stands out among fun end of year activities for 2nd graders, where they can engage in various outdoor games and sports. This day is filled with laughter, teamwork, and friendly competition, allowing students to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate their accomplishments. Activities like sack races and tug of war bring joy and a sense of unity to the class.

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3. Talent Show

Kids on a talent show

A Talent Show is a fantastic opportunity for end of year activities for elementary students, giving them a platform to showcase their unique talents. Whether it’s singing, dancing, magic, or playing an instrument, every child gets to shine and share their gifts. This event fosters a supportive environment where students can express themselves creatively.

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4. Art Exhibit

Art exhibit at school

Hosting an Art Exhibit is a creative end of school year activity that displays students’ artistic achievements. It allows students to take pride in their work and share it with others, turning the school into a gallery of imagination. This event celebrates the creativity and hard work students have put into their art projects throughout the year.

5. Time Capsule

Time capsule DIY

Creating a Time Capsule is a meaningful end of school year activity that captures the essence of the current school year. Students contribute items or letters that are significant to them, sealing them away to be opened in the future. This activity offers a tangible connection to their past selves and a moment of reflection on their growth over the years.

6. Picnic

Kids in a picnic

A class picnic offers a relaxed and enjoyable way for students to celebrate the end of the school year. By gathering at a local park or school grounds, everyone can enjoy shared meals, games, and the beauty of nature together. It’s a perfect time for students and teachers to bond outside of the classroom setting, creating memorable experiences.

7. Movie Day

Kids watching movie in the class

Movie Day transforms the classroom into a mini cinema, where students can unwind and enjoy a film together. Choosing a movie as a class fosters a sense of community and gives everyone a chance to experience the joy of storytelling. Accompanied by popcorn and comfortable seating, it’s a cozy way to mark the end of the academic year.

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8. Class Awards

Award certficate

Class Awards are a fun and uplifting way to recognize each student’s unique contributions and achievements. By creating diverse categories, from academic excellence to the most creative or best team player, every student gets a moment in the spotlight. This activity not only celebrates individuality but also strengthens class camaraderie.

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9. DIY Scrapbooking

Year end scrapbook

Engaging in DIY Yearbook/Scrapbooking allows students to craft personalized mementos of their school year. Through photos, drawings, and personal messages, they can capture and cherish their memories creatively. This hands-on activity is especially meaningful for younger students or schools without traditional yearbooks, offering a tangible keepsake of their experiences.

10. Reflection and Goal Setting

Year end reflection worksheet

Reflection and Goal Setting is a thoughtful activity where students can reflect on their achievements and set objectives for the future. Through discussions, writing, or drawing, they explore personal growth and aspirations. This process not only encourages self-awareness but also motivates students to set and pursue their goals, marking a hopeful end to the school year.

11. Theme Day

kids dressed up

Theme Day is a colorful and exciting end of year elementary activities option, where everyone dresses up according to a chosen theme. It could be superheroes, favorite book characters, or a throwback to different decades. This day is all about creativity and fun, allowing students to express themselves and enjoy the playful atmosphere as the school year comes to a close.

12. Balloon Pop Goodbye

Balloon pop studio

The Balloon Pop Goodbye is a dynamic and interactive end of year activities for students, where balloons filled with surprise tasks or questions add an element of mystery and excitement to the farewell. Popping the balloons reveals fun activities or prompts that ensure the last day of class is memorable and filled with laughter.

13. Farewell Campfire

kids around campfire
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A Farewell Campfire, even if simulated for safety with electric candles or lanterns, provides a warm and cozy setting for students to share stories, sing songs, and recount their favorite memories from the year. This gathering is among the most heartfelt last day of class activities, fostering a sense of community and reflection as students bid goodbye to the school year.

14. DIY Carnival

Carnival at school

Setting up a DIY Carnival on school grounds brings the excitement and joy of a fair to the students, making it one of the most anticipated end of year games for students. With stations for games, face painting, and crafts, along with treats like popcorn and cotton candy, the carnival creates a festive atmosphere for students to enjoy their achievements and the onset of summer.

15. Splash Day

Kids in inflated pool

Splash Day is the ultimate way to welcome summer, featuring water activities like sprinklers, water balloons, and small pools for students to cool off and have fun. This wet and wild day is not only a refreshing departure from the classroom but also a playful and enjoyable experience, marking a splashy end to the school year.


As the school year draws to a close, these activities provide a fun and memorable way for students to celebrate their achievements and the friendships they’ve made. From creative projects to outdoor fun, there’s something special for every student to enjoy and remember their school year by.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make the end of the school year special?

Making the end of the school year special involves organizing activities that celebrate achievements and foster memories, such as award ceremonies, picnics, and creative projects. These events help students reflect on their growth and enjoy their accomplishments together.

How do you keep students busy at the end of the year?

Keeping students engaged at the end of the year can be achieved through interactive and fun activities like DIY carnivals, theme days, and arts and crafts projects. These activities not only keep them busy but also encourage creativity and teamwork.

What do teachers do at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, teachers typically wrap up the curriculum, review the year’s learning, organize student-led activities like talent shows or art exhibits, and prepare for the next academic year. They also take time to celebrate their students’ progress and achievements.

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