Halves – Definition with Examples

What is Halves?

Splitting a whole thing into two equal parts gives a half.


Halves of Various Shapes

In the given images, the colored portions in each shape represent halves. 

halves of various shapes

Representing half using fractions

representing half using fractions

fraction is a part of one whole thing. When a slice of cake is taken out, it becomes a fraction, i.e. a piece of the entire cake.                            

In fractions, half is written as 12 of the whole. 

representing half using fractions 1
representing half using fractions 2

Find half of a block comprising of six parts.

find half
find half 1

Take out 3 parts out of 6, and it equals one half. 

Representing half on a number line 

We can show fractions on a number line.  The distance from 0-1 on a number line is always one whole. Dividing this distance into two equal parts will give two halves. 

representing half on a number line

Properties of Halves

  • Two equal parts of one whole thing.  
properties of halves
  • In decimal numbers, half is denoted by 0.5.
  • We can find half of a number multiplying it by ½.  For example, in the figure, half of the group of 6 chips is obtained by 6 × 1=3
properties of halves 1
  • By dividing the number by 2 we can get half of any number.
  • Adding two halves makes one.
properties of halves 2