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15 Best Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Counting is a fundamental skill forming a child’s early education foundation. It is much more than just reciting numbers. Learning to count helps preschoolers understand the concept of numbers and their values, which is crucial for their future mathematical learning. However, teaching counting to preschoolers doesn’t have to be mundane. It can be a delightful and engaging experience for both children and educators. When designed creatively, counting activities for preschoolers can transform learning into an enjoyable journey.

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These activities reinforce numerical concepts and stimulate a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. In the following sections, we will explore 15 exciting counting activities that are perfect for preschoolers. These activities are designed to make counting a joyful and enriching experience, paving the way for a strong foundation in early childhood education.

Understanding numbers is the first step in a child’s mathematical journey. Make this step exciting with interactive counting games.

1. Online Counting Games

Counting game for kids

Online counting games are fantastic resources for teaching numbers in the digital age. These interactive tools are designed with colorful graphics and engaging challenges, making counting a fun and interactive experience. They are perfect for preschoolers to practice counting at their own pace while enjoying various games.

Looking for age-appropriate counting activities for your preschoolers? SplashLearn offers a variety of games that are perfect for your kid. Here are some games that you must checkout:

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2. Counting with Fruits and Vegetables

A kid counting with apples

This is one of the most fun and engaging counting math activities for preschoolers. Children can count apples, oranges, or other fruits and vegetables at home or in the classroom. This activity helps them learn numbers and introduces them to different types of healthy foods. It’s a fun way to combine learning with everyday objects.

3. Interactive Counting Songs

Interactive counting songs are a great way to capture preschoolers’ attention and teach them counting in an entertaining format. Transform how your preschoolers learn to count with the engaging Number Songs by SplashLearn. This activity combines the joy of music with the foundational skills of counting, offering a dynamic approach to early math education. Children can sing along and participate in counting adventures through catchy tunes and interactive video elements, making learning numbers as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

How It Works:

  • Start with a Song: The activity begins with the Number Song, which introduces children to numbers through music and animation.
  • Interactive Learning: As the song plays, children engage in interactive tasks like tapping on flowers to create beats, collecting Oozloo eggs, and connecting numbers in the starry sky, making each counting experience unique and captivating.
  • Sing and Learn: The repetitive, melodious nature of the songs ensures that children can easily memorize numbers and sequences, reinforcing their learning through song and play.

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4. Using Building Blocks for Counting

Mother and daughter playing with building blocks

Building blocks are a fantastic tool if you are looking for preschool counting activities. Preschoolers can stack blocks while counting them, which helps tangibly understand numbers. This activity also enhances their motor skills and creativity, as they can build various structures while learning to count.

5. Sorting and Counting Buttons

Kid counting with buttons

Sorting and counting buttons can be a fun activity for young learners. This task involves grouping buttons by color, size, or shape and then counting them. It’s a great way to teach preschoolers about sorting and categorizing, along with counting. This hands-on activity is not only educational but also develops fine motor skills.

Sorting is as crucial as counting in developing a child’s cognitive skills. Discover SplashLearn’s sorting games that blend learning and fun seamlessly.

6. E-Book Counting Stories

E-Book Counting Stories combine reading with counting practice. These digital books often feature stories where counting is a central part of the narrative, allowing children to learn numbers within the context of a story. Interactive elements like clickable numbers or animated objects can enhance the learning experience, making counting enjoyable and educational.

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7. Finger Painting and Counting

Kid painting and counting

Finger Painting and Counting is a wonderfully tactile and creative way for children to learn numbers. Preschoolers can dip their fingers in paint and make a certain number of prints on paper, counting as they go. This activity not only helps with number recognition but also encourages artistic expression and sensory exploration.

8. Playdough Counting Shapes

Using playdough to create shapes and count them is an excellent hands-on activity. Children can roll out the dough and cut out shapes like circles, squares, or triangles and then count each shape. This learning method is fun and aids in developing fine motor skills and understanding basic geometry.

9. Counting with Stickers

Number stickers

Counting with stickers is a simple yet effective activity for learning numbers. Preschoolers can place a specific number of stickers on a sheet of paper, counting as they stick each one. This activity improves hand-eye coordination and can be easily customized to match each child’s learning level.

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10. Musical Counting Chairs

kids playing musical chairs

Musical Counting Chairs is a dynamic twist on the classic game of musical chairs, making it one of the most enjoyable counting activities for preschoolers. In this version, when the music stops, children count the number of chairs instead of sitting down. This game not only makes counting fun but also helps in developing listening skills and physical coordination.

11. Balloon Pop Counting

Balloon Pop Counting is an exhilarating game where balloons are popped to reveal numbers. Each child pops a balloon and counts out loud the number found inside. This game is thrilling for preschoolers, helps in number recognition, and develops their auditory and tactile senses.

12. Counting Treasure Hunt

Two kids looking at a treasure hunt map

A Counting Treasure Hunt is an exciting way to incorporate counting activities for preschoolers into a game. Hide objects around the play area and have the children find and count them. This activity not only teaches counting but also encourages exploration and problem-solving skills.

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13. Nature Walk Counting Activity

Kid counting stones

The Nature Walk Counting Activity is one of the best pre-k counting activities that combines learning with the beauty of the outdoors. During a walk in the park or garden, children can count various natural items like leaves, stones, or flowers. This activity teaches them to count and encourages an appreciation for nature and the environment.

14. Hopscotch Counting

Kids jumping on hopscotch
Source: @Dreme.Stanford.Edu

Hopscotch Counting is a classic outdoor game that doubles as a counting activity for preschoolers. By jumping on numbered squares, children can practice counting in a fun and active way. This game helps develop their physical coordination and number skills, making learning a playful experience.

15. Counting with Sidewalk Chalk

Using sidewalk chalk for counting is a creative and colorful way to learn numbers. Preschoolers can draw numbers on the sidewalk or driveway and count out loud as they hop or step on them. This activity is engaging and allows children to express their creativity while learning to count.

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6 Ways of Incorporating Counting in Daily Routines

Integrating counting activities for preschoolers into their daily routines effectively reinforces their numerical skills naturally and enjoyably. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. Mealtime Counting: Use mealtime as an opportunity for counting. Ask children to count pieces of fruit, vegetables, or other items on their plate. This not only helps with counting but also encourages healthy eating habits.
  2. Playtime Counting: During playtime, encourage counting activities. For instance, count the number of times a ball bounces or the number of blocks used in a building. This makes counting a fun part of the play.
  3. Counting During Chores: Simple chores can be an opportunity for counting. Ask your child to count the number of toys they put away or the number of clothes they fold. This helps in learning responsibility along with counting.
  4. Outdoor Counting: When outside, engage in counting activities for preschoolers, like counting steps during a walk, the number of birds seen in the park, or the number of cars passing by. This helps in developing an awareness of their surroundings.
  5. Storytime Counting: Incorporate counting into storytime by reading books that involve numbers. Ask questions about the number of characters or items in the story to make it interactive.
  6. Bath Time Counting: Use bath time for counting activities. Counting the number of rubber ducks or cupfuls of water to fill the bath can make bath time educational and fun.

By incorporating counting into everyday activities, preschoolers can learn and practice numbers in various settings, making learning a constant, engaging, and practical part of their day.

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As we wrap up our exploration of fun and creative counting activities, remember that the journey into numbers is just beginning. With SplashLearn, experience a unique approach to teaching counting that combines interactive games, printable worksheets, and personalized learning paths. See how SplashLearn can make counting not just a skill but a joyous adventure for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can counting activities be made engaging for preschoolers?

Counting activities can be made engaging by incorporating fun and creative methods like using fruits, vegetables, building blocks, and outdoor games. These methods make learning enjoyable and help in the development of motor skills, creativity, and environmental appreciation.

Can counting be integrated into everyday routines for preschoolers?

Yes, counting can be integrated into daily routines by including it in mealtime, playtime, chores, outdoor activities, storytime, and bath time. This approach reinforces numerical skills naturally and makes counting a fun and practical part of their day.

What are suitable counting activities for 2-3 year olds?

For 2-3 year olds, ideal counting activities include simple and tactile experiences like counting with fruits and vegetables, playing with building blocks, and using playdough to form shapes. These activities are age-appropriate, engaging, and help in developing fine motor skills and basic number recognition.

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