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What are parallel lines ? 

In geometry, parallel lines can be defined as two lines in the same plane that are at equal distance from each other and never meet. 

Here, three set of parallel lines have been shown - vertical, diagonal and horizontal parallel lines.

Parallel lines in geometry

Sides of various shapes are parallel to each other. Parallel lines are represented with a pair of vertical lines between the names of the lines, such as PQ ︳︳XY.

We can see parallel lines in a zebra crossing, the lines of notebook and in railway tracks around us. 

Parallel lines real life examples around us

  Fun Facts

  • Each line can have many parallel lines to it. 
  • Parallel lines can be extended indefinitely, with out them intersecting at any point. 

let's sing Let's sing!

Draw parallel lines on a sheet,
Use a ruler to to make them neat!
Make sure their ends nevers meet!

let's do it Let's do it!

Ask your children to observe things around them in which they can find parallel lines. You can further ask them to identify the parallel side to the side you are pointing, for instance, you can stand on end of the dining table, and ask them to identify the side which is parallel to it. 

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