Scalene Triangle – Definition with Examples

What is a Scalene Triangle?

triangle is a polygon made up of 3 sides and 3 angles

scalene triangle

We can classify triangles according to the length of their sides.

(i) Equilateral triangle: If all sides of a triangle are equal, then it is called an equilateral triangle.

equilateral triangle

(ii) Isosceles triangle: If two sides of a triangle are equal, then it is called an isosceles triangle.

isosceles triangle

(iii) Scalene triangle: if none of the three sides of a triangle are equal to each other, it is called a scalene triangle.

scalene triangles

Properties of the scalene triangle:

 All angles of a scalene triangle are unequal. A scalene triangle has no line of symmetry. The angle opposite to the longest side would be the greatest angle and vice versa.
 All sides of the given scalene triangle are unequal.unequal scalene triangle  The given triangle cannot be divided into two identical halves. There is no line of symmetry.scalene triangle has no line of symmetry In this triangle, angle E will be the greatest angle as it is opposite to the greatest side GO and angle O will be the smallest angle as it is opposite to the smallest side GE.greatest angle in scalene triangle

A scalene triangle can be acute-angled or obtuse-angled or right-angled.

 Obtuse scalene triangle Acute scalene triangle Right scalene triangle
 obtuse scalene triangle  right scalene triangle

Real-life examples

real life example of scalene triangle

Fun Facts
– The term scalene triangle is derived from Late Latin ‘scalēnus’ and from the Ancient Greek word ‘σκᾰληνός’ which means unequal or uneven.