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    20 Best Educational Games for Kids by Subjects & Grades

    Game-based learning offers a deeper understanding of concepts to kids and helps them become fearless learners. These fun games are created to inspire children and develop competencies, talents, and skills, thus giving them maximum exposure.

    Studies reveal that there has been a massive surge in the gaming industry to develop games for a child’s social and emotional learning skills. Some games exhibit strong pedagogical properties for teaching core subjects like humanities, mathematics, and sciences.

    Online educational games provide a balanced curriculum to compete with and complement the programs offered at kids’ schools. These involve inspirational games, predictable routines, and fun activities through play.

    20 Best Educational Games That Kids Would Love – Bifurcated by Grades 

    There are many fun online games for educational purposes. These games inspire fun learning and keep kids occupied at home.

    2 Free Interactive Learning Games For Preschoolers

    1. SplashLearn – Reading Games & Math Games

    Splashlearn develops games based on scientifically developed pedagogy on child motivation and learning. It nurtures a fearless learning curiosity among young ones and adapts to kids’ evolving needs. They have various ELA games on topics like:

    SplashLearn: Most Comprehensive Learning Program for PreK-5

    SplashLearn inspires lifelong curiosity with its game-based PreK-5 learning program loved by over 40 million children. With over 4,000 fun games and activities, it’s the perfect balance of learning and play for your little one.

    Try for free

    And Math has games on topics like:

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    2. CBeebies

    CBeebies is a preschool company by the BBC for kids aged 6 years and under. They encourage learning through play and provide various preschool programming activities. They also provide options like watching programs, watching video clips, and playing free interactive online games:

    • Feeding Time Game
    • Puzzle game
    • Memory game
    • Colouring game
    • Exploring game
    • Andy’s puzzle game
    • Dinosaur match game
    • Super Numtum and the Flying Moles of mischief game
    • Outdoor fun games

    3 Interactive Games That Will Make Elementary Kids Smarter (Grades 1 – 5)

    education games for grades 1 5

    1. Shifu Plugo

    Shifu kits are available at Play Shifu, which provide engaging and interactive augmented reality-based early learning. Stories create unforgettable experiences and come alive right before our eyes, leaving a smile on the faces of children and adults alike. They create STEM toys and learning games that are thoroughly loved and enjoyed by parents, kids, and teachers. This is one gamepad with five interactive kits:

    • Letters
    • Count
    • Link
    • Tunes
    • Slingshot

      Their games include:
    • Orboot – wherein kids can explore Earth’s wonders, Dinos, and unravel missions, rovers, and planets like Mars.
    • Plugo – It brings alive stories on-screen in many ways. It uses spelling words, letters, vocabulary-building activities, and the grammar kit, which comes with: 48 letter tiles,
      Age-adaptive spellings for Pre-K to Grade 4,
      Phonics, sight words, nouns, action verbs, prepositions & more

    2. CBC Kids

    For ages 9-13, this game tries to answer questions that hover in a child’s mind about the world that they live in. Through this game, they try to develop media literacy skills.

    CBC Kids has free games based on adventure, puzzles, games for beginners, action, animals, sports, strategy, and many more. Some exciting games are:

    • Beginner Game – A helping hand            
    • Action Game – Air Hockey
    • Strategy Game – Alien Bridge, Antigravity, Battle Battle, Blue Story
    • Puzzle Game – All aboard, Aztech Treasure,
    • Animal Game – Animals Crush, Bouncing Squirrel
    • Adventure Game – Baby Cat adventure
    • Sports Game – Balance Ball, Baseball pro
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    3. Bommerang by Bommerang.Asia

    Boomerang provides games like Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape, Tom and Jerry Music Maker, Mr. Bean, and Spot the Difference.

    Some of their best games are:

    • Forest Rush
    • Midnight Munchies
    • Make and Race
    • Music Maker
    • Bouncy Cubs
    • Puzzle Escape
    • Tom and Jerry Games
    • Mr. Bean Games
    • Wabbit Games
    • Scooby-Doo Games

    Free Educational Games for Kids – Bifurcated by Subjects

    Let us go through some exciting and interactive free online games for kids targeted to enhance knowledge and learning in specific subject areas.

    1. Mathematics

     a) Math and Reading Games by SplashLearn

    SplashLearn is the perfect blend of fun and learning. Your kids can now play interactive games to build math and reading skills.

    As a parent, you can teach your kids through customized lesson plans. SplashLearn offers a fun learning experience that is appreciated and loved by over 40 million kids.

    With SplashLearn, you can get access to:

    • Library of 4000+ games, books, and educational activities.
    • Personalized schedules and plans
    • Motivating rewards
    • Kid-friendly and safe learning
    • New and innovative games that are updated regularly

    b) Math Playground

    Math Playground is a fun mathematical game platform. Its games have amusement parks, bridge-builder sums, and superheroes. The featured games are:

    • Division Games
    • Step Equations
    • Algebraic Reasoning
    • Place Value Party
    • Division Derby
    • Adding Fractions
    • Sum Stacks
    • Number sequence
    • Galaxy pals 20
    • Superhero subtraction
    • Amusement park addition
    • Factor pair up and so many more

    c) Math vs. Monsters

    Math vs Monsters is a castle-based game wherein mathematical problem-based monsters follow the kids. Kids take the role of mathematical geniuses and build a castle. They then solve the problems using their analytical, technical, and mathematical skills.

    Kids in grades 1 – 7 can practice maths with hundreds of worksheets available online. They can also learn through video tutorials and play math games like:

    • Math Agar
    • Math Slither
    • Mathimals
    • Math vs. Monsters
    • Math and Snacks
    • Viking Queen Defense
    • Cat wars
    • Number worms
    • King of Maths
    • Candy Stacker
    • Math Smash – Animal Rescue
    • Toon Balloonz
    • Math Missile

    2. Art

     a) Colorfy by Fun Games For Free 

    Color, paint, and have fun! Colorfy is the perfect game for kids to paint pages with mandalas, cartoons, and patterns. They experience all kinds of paint drawings with colors and create fantastic paints.

    Colorfy can help your children have fun with the best coloring game. It has incredible features like:

    • It is easy to color. Kids can choose palette, brushes, gradient colors, and harmonious colors.
    • It gives the option of 1000+ pictures to paint.
    • Kids can get inspired by the artworks of great artists.
    • It is optimized for both iPhone and Android users.
    • Kids can also share their work through social media.
    • It is a stress-buster exercise.
    • Kids can work offline as well.

    b) Start With Art by Madcap Logic 

    This creativity-based hands-on project helps kids work on their animation skills. It enables and empowers the little artists through various art guides like:

    • 16 lessons to explore the elements and principles of art
    • Creativity builders – 32 hands-on art projects with integrated lesson plans,
    • Artist cards and puzzle pieces that are awarded after lesson challenges,
    • Virtual gallery of lesson artwork,
    • Glossary of art terms,
    • Assessment Rubric – Evaluate student comprehension and progress aligned with the National Standards.

    3. Language Arts

    Language arts games

     a) Endless Alphabet by Originator Inc

    This application has delightful animations and fun games that teach children letters and definitions. Some of its basic features are:


    • 100 words to explore and learn.
    • Delightful animations that teach the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way.
    • Word games that teaches children letters.
    • Alphabetical knowledge

    b) Vocabulary Spelling City by SpellingCity

    This is an intriguing and addictive game to improve children’s reading comprehension, storytelling, and vocabulary.

    4. Health and Physical Education

    Health and physical education games

     a) PDQ Test or Jump Tag 

    This is a fun group exercise-related game that is quirky and has a fun tag attached to it. It is one of the most powerful ways to teach children the relevance of health and physical education.

    5. Science

    Science games

     a) Animal Jam by WildWorks 

    Children can complete various animal games, adopt awesome pets, and learn about the natural world from videos. Its best features are:

    • Explore a gorgeous, living 3D world
    • Join a friendly community of players worldwide
    • Chat with animal buddies
    • Learn about real animals and their habitats

    b) Roblox by Roblox Corporation 

    Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets kids create, share experiences with friends, and be anything they want.

    • Children can explore together anytime and anywhere. It features full cross-platform support.
    • They can be anything they can imagine. They can be creative and show off their unique style.
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    6. Technology

    Technology games

     a) Code-Karts by EDOKI ACADEMY 

    Code Karts aims to teach kids the fundamentals of code. They want to enable and empower kids with a more profound understanding once they become old enough to begin writing code themselves.

    It is a fun and engaging educational game with features like:

    • An intuitive user interface for children from age 4.
    • Known for developing games on sequencing, problem-solving, and logic.

    b) Thinkrolls2 by Avokiddo 

    Avokiddo has logical and puzzle-based games with advanced technology. These games aim to enhance the technical and scientific skills of children.

    Kids gain confidence in their deductive reasoning and problem-solving abilities. They complete the puzzles that require juggling multiple possibilities and planning moves well in advance.

    Kids can hone their fine motor skills, test theories, experiment with force, take an out-of-this-world sci-fi trip, enhance visual memory, and solve complex puzzles. This app comprises:

    • 270 challenging levels with mind-sharpening puzzles,
    • 135 easy levels for ages 3-5,
    • 135 hard levels for ages 5-7,
    • Experiment with levitation, gravity, density, electricity, buoyancy, and acceleration,
    • Games to enhance logic, problem-solving, spatial cognition, memory, observation, and more,
    • Progress tracking,
    • Language-neutral gameplay.

    7. Social Studies

     a) Camp Wonderopolis by the National Center for Families Learning 

    This game is based on reading and learning about the world. It aims to cultivate kids and families learning together. It is full of fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker experiments.

    b) Civilisations AR by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC 

    Focusing on history, this game brings reality from history into homes with augmented virtual reality. The BBC’s first-ever app, ‘Civilisations AR,’ brings art.


    • Children can become the explorers and use the magic spotlight to reveal audio guides and unique features.
    • They can use the X-Ray feature to discover history’s hidden secrets and rub through the layers of history with Restore.
    • They can translate hieroglyphics, navigate the collection geographically in AR, and take and share photos of the objects.

    8. General Knowledge

    a) Kids vs Plastic by National Geographic 

    This game is inclined towards environmental stability and fun educational learning at the same time.

    Besides learning about how plastic is ruining the habitats and territories of so many innocent animals, kids can also play fun games like:

    • Patrick’s Day Quiz
    • Which animal trickster are you?
    • Bug Bash
    • Play Zeus the Mighty

    b) Play Music by 

    An entertaining online game that enhances the learning of kids of all age groups. They can indulge in segments like Children’s Room Décor, Play Music Computer, and learn the depths of music through Free Online Music Programs.

    c) All About the Moon by Space Place 

    This game enables kids to learn about space. They will learn, using structures, figures, and presentations, about how far the moon is, the moon’s phases, how many moons each planet has, and much more.

    Learning about the space is encouraged by educational gaming through:

    • Nasa Space Art Challenge
    • Color Your Universe
    • Explore Mars
    • Play Solar System and so many more

    5 Benefits of Game-Based Education For the Young Ones

    Advantages of Online Gaming Education

    1. Makes students smarter

    Online gaming develops effective self-directed learning skills. Students apply skills to the problem at hand and evaluate resultant feedback. It sharpens analytical and critical reasoning, engages students, and increases their efficiency and productivity. In addition, it promotes cooperation and teamwork.

    2. Teaches students discipline

    Interactive social skill games teach children discipline. They motivate them to follow the rules and guidelines, thus developing their skills and patience. Kids also develop positive feelings of achievement and accomplishment from mastering new knowledge and skills.

    3. Makes students self-motivated and more accountable

    Students engage in growing their knowledge base. They become more engaged in the process. They learn through interactive methods like
    – storytelling,
    – problem-solving,
    – peer education,
    – teamwork,
    – reverse teaching,
    – staging,
    – concept maps,
    – role-playing, and
    – gamification.

    4. Involves educators and parents

    Making education more fun can add to the aspect of collaborative learning. It makes the task of parents and educators much simpler. They can keep themselves updated and connected with the most relevant content to teach better through engagement and enjoyment.

    5. Increases information sharing and students’ employability

    Learning through games allows students to access and customize more and more information suited to their personal needs. It allows them to learn at the best pace, along with boosting their learning, experience, and communication skills.

    Equipping students with game-based education can enhance their problem-based learning skills. As it imbibes real-world approaches to learning, it will eventually empower them to create their own employment opportunities and, ideally, even generate jobs for others.

    Other Benefits

    Other benefits of online gamification of education are microlearning & multimedia expertise. Games also enable personalized learning and provide access to interactive content. Students can learn through diverse learning styles like text, audio, video, and graphics. Education is customized based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Let us look at a few more advantages of education through online gaming:

    Online educational games play a significant role in enhancing children’s self-confidence and personality. Online educational games:

    1. Can enliven the teaching methodology and make it more constructive.
    2. Encourages kids to participate using a hands-on approach.
    3. Can help students remember through active participation and apply it in real-world situations.
    4. Prepare children for innovative, and advanced technologies through visual and computer literacy skills and techniques.
    5. Encourage students to think out of the box.
    6. Hugely beneficial for children with attention disorders.
    7. Sharpen and polishes other skills in kids like critical thinking, sportsmanship, and collaboration & interaction with peers.
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    How can Parents Contribute?

    Parent teaching his kid

    Pedagogy has evolved with modern technology and revolutionized the approach of teaching. Now children can get educated without leaving their homes through online courses, online degree programs, etc. Nevertheless, parents need to encourage interactive learning through online games to grab and keep their kids’ attention.

    Aims and Objectives: Interactive Online Gaming Education

    Let us understand a few aims and objectives of interactive online gaming education:

    • To shape kids into enthusiastic learners
    • To instill the fun factor into online education systems
    • To motivate, inspire, and engage students
    • To mitigate monotonous learning methods
    • To assist students with self-esteem, focus, and memory

    How to Use Online Games as a Support Tool and a Resilient Educator

    Interactive learning through online gaming education involves student participation and enhances their approach to work. It also encourages the personalization of discussions and student collaboration.

    It includes:

    • Inclusive learning spaces for children
    • The digital learning experience
    • Smooth interaction with students
    • Motivation and encouragment
    • Personalized touch

    Achieving Goals with SplashLearn

    Online interactive learning through educational games has been through many changes. It is now the epitome of digitized learning and interactions. It may further go through several transformations if technological innovations continue to abound.

    Parents and children now rely on SplashLearn for digital interactive learning, augmented knowledge, better pedagogy, even though there may be resistance and barriers. They also rely on holistic educational facilities provided by SplashLearn for children’s education.

    Children can participate in competitive and co-operational games, achieve formidable goals, use digital learning technology to better grasp ideas, gain qualitatively different experiences, and prevent mental health problems. 

    So, don’t wait and sign up now!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What makes a good educational game?

    A good educational game has a lot of factors:
    1. The game should be motivational, interesting, and engaging
    2. The levels should progress on the basis of difficulty
    3. The game should offer personalized rewards
    4. User feedback should be collected on a timely basis
    5. The games should be visually appealing to retain the kids’ interest levels

    What are some of the best educational games for Math?

    1. SplashLearn
    2. Monster Math
    3. The Math Tree
    4. Khan Academy Kids
    5. Moose Math
    6. Kids’ Math

    What are the examples of classroom educational games?

    1. Bingo
    2. Puzzles
    3. Pictionary
    4. Charades
    5. The Floor is Lava
    6. Gratitude everyday
    7. Hangman
    8. Scatter-gories
    9. Draw swords
    10. Hot potato
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